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New: Outcast Ghar Rebels!

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The Ghar Outcast Rebel Army, led by Fartok, has to rely on what they can capture, repair or fabricate using the modest resources available to them. This has resulted in a force with a wide variety of troops and equipment, at least compared to the relatively homogeneous armies of the Ghar Empire. Most significantly, it means that a rebel army is fundamentally an army of ordinary outcast infantry supported by a lesser number of machines including refurbished battle armour and captured crawler vehicles.Rebel Ghar Banner

Ghar Rebel Command MC

The rebel army is itself growing so large that Fartok has divided his forces into several smaller commands, each under the eye of a trusted rebel leader. It is not yet certain whether Fartok has established permanent planetary bases, although this seems likely. Most rebel action takes place in space, in the form of attacks upon Ghar and other convoys, and raids upon Ghar outposts, often with the express purpose of freeing slaves. The rebel fleets pose a threat not only to the ships of the Ghar Empire but to all those traversing the western Determinate.

The Ghar Outcast Rebel Army List can be found starting on page 86 of ‘The Battle for Xilos‘ – so be sure to pick up your copy direct from the Warlord webstore today!


Fartok, Ghar Outcast Rebels Commander


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Ghar Outcast Teams and Units


WGA-GAR-38-Outcast-Rebels-Command-a503015006-ghar-outcast-rebel-mag-cannon-team-a 503015001-ghar-outcast-rebel-flitter-bombs-a 503015005-ghar-outcast-rebel-quad-mag-rptr-team-f 509915001 Ghar Outcast Rebel 500 Point Acout Force

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The Battle For Xilos

Xilos Cover

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Those who purchase ‘The Battle for Xilos’ direct through the Warlord webstore will also receive the exclusive ‘Black Guard Leader with Mag Gun’ model – the perfect addition to your Rebel Ghar army!