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Bounty Hunter: Solo Play Rules for Strontium Dog

Take the role of a mutant Search/Destroy agent, tracking down wanted criminals across the universe.

Bounty Hunter: Solo Play Rules for Strontium Dog

Following on from the Graveyard Shift for our Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, we’ve given fellow 2000AD game, Strontium Dog, the same treatment. These solo play rules were devised by Dylan Owen, with contributions from Adam Woodliffe.

These rules adapt Warlord Games’ Strontium Dog skirmish game for solo play. You take the role of a mutant Search/Destroy agent, tracking down wanted criminals across the universe.

Bounty Hunter is a mini‐campaign using the Strontium Dog solo play rules, allowing you to play a series of interlocking games.
Of course, if you prefer you can easily adapt this mini‐campaign to the regular rules for Strontium Dog, playing against your friends face‐to‐face.

You’ll need the following to play Bounty Hunter:

• Various Strontium Dog models. You can easily adapt the game to suit your own model collection.
• Terrain representing the battleground, and a surface to play on – a 3’ x 3’ tabletop should suffice, although the scenarios are best played on a 4’ x 4’ area.
• The Strontium Dog rules, and necessary gaming paraphernalia (dice, etc.)
• The various cards (Confrontation cards, Foe cards and Friend cards) needed for the solo play version of Strontium Dog – you can find these on pages 20‐34 of the rules (print them out, cut them out and reinforce them by glueing them to card).

Before you begin the game, you’ll first have to create a Strontium Dog who will represent you, scouring the galaxy for criminals. This process is described in full in the campaign rules.

Delve into the World of Strontium Dog

To get started with Strontium Dog, the ideal starting point is ‘The Good, The Bad & The Mutie’ starter set; based around the classic confrontation between mutant Search/Destroy agents (AKA Strontium Dogs) Johnny Alpha & Wulf Sternhammer and the infamous Max Bubba’s gang – a pivotal storyline within the pages of the galaxy’s greatest comic – 2000 AD.

Containing all the game rules, a scenario booklet to help you learn the game and refight the S/D Agents’ showdown with their mutant foes, as well as superbly detailed miniatures to fight over the solar farm scenery, it also provides an ideal starting point for a solo Bounty Hunter campaign.

Expand your Collection

Although the contents of the starter set are enough to get you playing, you’ll find all the campaign all the more rewarding by incorporating more models to your collection, enabling you to add additional options to your friends and foe decks. A fully laden foes deck enables for fantastic variety and endless replayability of the campaign, with no two games ever being quite the same.

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