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The Graveyard Shift: Solo Play in Mega-City One

New rules and a campaign for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - Now including Specialist Judges...

The Graveyard Shift: Solo Play in Mega-City One
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The Graveyard Shift is a new set of solo play rules, scenarios and a campaign for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, devised by Dylan Owen, with contributions from Adam Woodliffe. Adam tells us more:

Adam: ‘The reasoning behind the creation of this set of rules is to provide opportunity for citizens to continue playing our Dredd game whilst in lockdown. Our man Dylan is the brains behind it, with myself (Warlord’s Tek-Judge) play-testing and adding contributions here and there throughout the rules.

It follows the same format as the standard ruleset in terms of combat dice, however, the perps’ actions are found by rolling 3 combat dice and consulting a results sheet. which in combination with their current demeanor, dictates their actions.

Another cool addition is you randomly select perps to play against and which incidents and scenarios you play!

Though you can use the starter set and have enough to get going, the game is enriched by incorporating your entire collection of Judge Dredd miniatures. So adding in the likes of Citi-Def, Fatties, other Street Judges and Arch-Villains will enable much more variety in the incidents and scenarios you play in the course of a solo campaign.

The theme is based on a classic Dredd storyline “The Graveyard Shift” (Progs 335 – 341, 1983), arguably, a more low-key, but fairly definitive take on the proper life of a Judge on the streets by legendary Judge Dredd writers Wagner and Grant.

So the idea is you’ve finished your training, no longer a rookie and you’re ready for your first shift as an official Street judge. Over the course of a campaign, your Judge will earn Deeds and Promotions as per the main Judge Dredd Rulebook’

Night Falls on Mega-City One

The Graveyard Shift is 51 minutes old. Citywide, more than 9,000 serious crimes have been reported. The Judges have been lucky–so far, it’s been quiet.

The night‐time period between 2100 and 0500 hours is known as the Graveyard Shift to the Judges patrolling the streets. Mega‐City One erupts in an orgy of crime, with only the Judgespreventing the city from descending into total chaos.

0300 hours. On the Graveyard Shift, trouble continues unabated. On average, excluding major disasters, there are now 24 A.R.V.s,139 serious assaults, 5 murders, 0.09 classifiable riots and 230traffic offences every minute.

You’ll find the original Graveyard Shift story, along with other classic Judge Dredd tales, Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 07, published by Rebellion.

The Campaign

The Graveyard Shift provides full rules for a campaign, including creating your Judge, adding an extra layer of customizability to your experience. Of course, you’ll have the opportunity to alter your character further as you achieve Deeds over the course of the campaign.

The campaign takes place over 8 different incidents, randomly determined by an incident card deck. Similarly, the perps are randomly determined, as are the support and allies you have available for that incident. Full-colour Perp, Incident and Support cards are included so that you may photocopy them at your leisure.

It is important to note, that you will require a set of the standard Judge Dredd rules to be able to use the content within this solo-play supplement.

The Graveyard Shift has been newly updated to incorporate the recent release of the Specialist Judges to Mega-City One. Some Judges display an affinity with machines, an understanding of the workings of the human body, or display psionic talents. Such individuals are given special training and access to advanced curricula.

Psi Division moulds cadets displaying psychic talents into Psi-Judges, who bring the Law to the Mega-City in less than conventional ways.

Tek Judges maintain the Justice Department’s vehicles, weapons and other equipment while also aiding with forensics, technological threats, and advanced intrusion techniques.

Med Judges aid Judges, civilians and perpetrators injured in Justice Department operations, often from special quick reaction ambulance units.

Recent Justice Department casualties have been so great that the controversial Mechanismo robot Judges, with full judicial authority, were created by Tek Division.

New to Mega-City One?

If you’re not familiar with the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, but your interest is piqued, you can check out these two convenient videos which cover the basics of gameplay:

Delve into Mega-City One

To get started with the game, the ideal starting point is the ‘I am the Law Starter Set.’  As well as a softback copy of the rules, you’ll receive 10 miniatures (in our new Warlord Resin); 8 block gang members and 2 street judges to begin your skirmishes in Mega-City One. In the box, you’ll also find a double-sided full-colour playmat and all the die and tokens you need to get playing plus, order the starter set from our webstore and receive the special edition Dredd vs Death dioramic miniature! The two are locked in a ceaseless battle; both are resolute in their own opposing views of justice.

Expand your Collection

You can customise the perp and support decks in The Graveyard Shift campaign to reflect only those miniatures in your collection. However, the game really hits its stride when you can include all the denizens and enemies of the Mega-City, providing near endless variation on those incidents. Every miniature we currently produce is considered in the solo play rules, and with more miniatures set to be released in the future, there remains copious routes for expansion, for not only the solo play rules, but the game as a whole.

Why not consider adding some of these eclectic characters, gangs and justice keepers to your Judge Dredd Miniatures collection?

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