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Erehwon New Rules: Solo Play and New Monsters

Creatures of the night stalk's time for a monster hunt.

Erehwon New Rules: Solo Play and New Monsters
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With many of us now in self-isolation, we’ve noticed around our tremendous community hobbyists admirably adapting to the situation, whether that be to indulge in new army projects, army planning or finding new ways to play their favourite Warlord games. We applaud such efforts – our rulebooks are invaluable resources – but ultimately there’s nothing to stop you playing your games your own way.

We thought we’d take our own opportunity to tinker with Warlords of Erehwon, both expanding the monster roster and providing a new way to play solo or cooperatively at home. We’ve made these rules available here – don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!

Solo and Cooperative Play

These rules pit a hand-picked group of monster slayers against the malign intelligence of a vicious monstrosity. You can really create your own narrative here to fit your collection. Perhaps your intrepid band of adventurers seeks only the glory of the hunt, or your convoy train is set upon by unknown terrors on the road to whit the hired help must mount a desperate defence. Maybe your underground denizens have delved too greedily and too deep, unleashing horrors among their ranks. The possibilities are endless.

Not content with providing solo play rules, we’ve also cooked up a couple of extra monster profiles to test out in the monster hunt scenario; specifically vampires and lycanthropes, long prominent in mythology with enduring appeal in popular culture thanks to the resurgence of gothic horror in the 19th and 20th centuries with continued immortalisation from film and TV to this day (although further immortalisation for vampires seems a little unnecessary).

These new monsters provide a unique challenge in Erehwon, with distinct and characterful special rules that really play into their mythologies.

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