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The Wheels of Justice: Introducing the Lawmaster

The wheels that catch the crims...

The Wheels of Justice: Introducing the Lawmaster
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Covering the entire east coast of America, Mega-City One needs an exhaustive road system. A labyrinth of zoomtubes, meg-ways and zipstrips, this arterial network connects every citi-block, mall and plaza in the sprawling metropolis. By extension this allows citizens—and perps—access to every nook and cranny of the mega-city.

The Justice Department, therefore, needs a vehicle capable of navigating even the narrowest alleys whilst simultaneously being able to tear-up the city’s congested Skedways…

…The Justice Department needs the Lawmaster.


The Lawmaster is more than just a bike, it is a partner. Judges patrol the streets of Mega-City One alone, and every aspect of the Lawmaster has been maximised to ensure it is the most versatile, reliable and robust companion a Judge could need. Each of these machines comes with the following fitted as standard:

  • A Notron eight-cylinder engine. Producing 250 brake horsepower, the engine can propel the Lawmaster at speeds in excess of 500 kilometres per hour.
  • 12mm armour plating.
  • An onboard computer linked directly to Justice Central: this computer is able to control the Lawmaster independently of its rider, obey voice commands, identify perps and detect illegal / narcotic substances. A sensitive gyroscope also allows the Lawmaster to operate—and fire its weapons—with complete autonomy, giving the lone judge a valuable ally when cornered by multiple perps.
  • Bullet proof tyres.
  • Weapons: the Mk1 and Mk2 models of the Lawmaster are also equipped with a Phylon TX Cyclops laser cannon, whilst the Mk2 and Mk3 models feature twin bike cannons.
  • Rubber Bullets: shortages of riot foam and H-wagons following the events of Chaos Day (see Day of Chaos, progs #1743–1789 and the collected volumes Day of Chaos: The Fourth Faction and Day of Chaos: Endgame) saw Lawmasters being equipped with rubber bullets in an effort to maintain crowd control.

Classic Moment

2000AD Prog #202 / Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 04: “Lawmaster on the Loose!”

Hit by a stray round, Judge Gorman’s Lawmaster malfunctions and goes on a killing spree! Enter Dredd in a classic showdown of lawman versus Lawmaster

Further Reading

Judge Whitey (prog #2 / Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 01): the first appearance of not only Judge Dredd, but also the Lawmaster.

The Cursed Earth (progs #61–85 / Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 02): Lawmaster bikes play a pivotal role in this trek across the irradiated wasteland of post-war America.

Extract From Dredd’s Comportment

‘The Justice Department wouldn’t be half of what it is today without the Lawmaster. Fast, armoured and autonomous, it kicks like a mule and races like a palomino.’

With a Move stat of 14” a minimum short range of 16” for its bike cannon, careful positioning of the Lawmaster will allow players absolute fire superiority. Also, with a Resist stat of 5, the Lawmaster is able to take as much damage as it dishes out. Better yet, it can act autonomously, allowing your Judge to move freely around the table whilst the perps are either diving for cover or dropping like flies.

Lawmaster Miniatures

Dan Hewitson
Dan can often be found contemplating the mound of unpainted minis building up under his desk. He has a tendency to roll lots of ones. He also has a tendency to complain about rolling lots of ones.