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Judge Dredd: Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson

The legendary, but somewhat unconventional Psi-Judge of Justice Department, Cassandra Anderson, ensures the safety of MC-1. Cassandra Anderson is, after Dredd himself, perhaps the most storied of Mega-City One’s Judges. Born with the powers of telepathy and precognition, she is one of the special individuals recruited by Justice Department’s Psi-Division. As the name would suggest,…

Judge Dredd, Products

Judge Dredd: Wave Two Pre-Orders

Inbound for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game; the Citi-Def militia, Cursed Earth Raiders and vehicles as well as the famed Psi-Judge Anderson. Judge Anderson One of Psi Division’s greatest stars is Cassandra Anderson. She specialises in the fields of telepathy and precognition, where she has few peers. Born in 2080 Anderson is probably as far…

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TerrainCrate: Plastic Sci-Fi Scenery

Courtesy of Mantic Games and their awesome TerrainCrate range, you’ve got a great selection of modular plastic scenery suitable for any sci-fi tabletop games; ideal for 2000AD or Gates of Antares! The TerrainCrate range of plastic scenery is fantastically versatile, its modular nature allowing you to individually tailor your battlefield. Many of these kits can…

Judge Dredd, Products

Judge Dredd: Justice Cometh to MC-1

The release of the Judge Dredd Miniatures game also heralds the arrival of various judges, crazies and villains set on chaos and destruction… Judge Dredd For millions of Mega-City One’s citizens, there can be no greater symbol of the law than Judge Joe Dredd, not even the Statue of Judgement itself. The mere mention of…

Judge Dredd, Products, Profiles

Judge Dredd: Game Preview

The Judge Dredd Miniatures Game pits various factions against one another in small skirmishes of street warfare. We preview the game. Whilst the background of many of Dredd’s most famous adventures have truly nuclear consequences (see the Apocalypse War), the Judge Dredd Miniatures game is focussed on the more-typical, day-to-day clashes between gangs looking to…

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