These are articles about products for use with the Strontium Dog miniatures game.

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TerrainCrate: Plastic Sci-Fi Scenery

Courtesy of Mantic Games and their awesome TerrainCrate range, you’ve got a great selection of modular plastic scenery suitable for any sci-fi tabletop games; ideal for 2000AD or Gates of Antares! The TerrainCrate range of plastic scenery is fantastically versatile, its modular nature allowing you to individually tailor your battlefield. Many of these kits can…

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New: Strontium Dog – The Kreelers

Enforcing the harsh new laws, Kreelman’s quasi-official anti-mutant ‘peacekeeping’ patrols, the Kreelers, coming soon for Strontium Dog… View in Store Riding a wave of anti-mutant sentiment, rich civic leader Nelson Bunker Krellman was elected to New British Parliament largely due to his anti-mutie rhetoric. On his election, he began enacting anti-mutant laws that forbade mutants…

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New: Strontium Dog – Wasters

The scourge of honest folk, businesses, travellers and their fellow sentient beings wherever they crop up, the new Strontium Dog Wasters cause havoc! View in Store Often described as the worst of the worst, these wasters populate the Strontium Dog universe. They cause mayhem for either a quick buck or looking to do some serious…

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New: Strontium Dog – Mork Riders

Sometimes getting around new and dangerous terrain can be difficult – use the new Strontium Dog Mork Riders to traverse the badlands! View in Store Bounty Hunters often need to track their quarry into the wildlands beyond towns and cities, and on many worlds, the indigenous Morks are the mount of choice. These bipedal mammals…