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New: Strontium Dog – Wasters

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The scourge of honest folk, businesses, travellers and their fellow sentient beings wherever they crop up, the new Strontium Dog Wasters cause havoc!

Strontium Dog: Wasters

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Often described as the worst of the worst, these wasters populate the Strontium Dog universe. They cause mayhem for either a quick buck or looking to do some serious harm.

Functioning as the faceless bad guys, the wasters fill out all your notorious gangs and serve as your maniacal henchmen. Alternatively, they can be the core of your own gang of trouble-makers and set out to rival the famous outlaws of Strontium Dog! They make the perfect companions to the Goons or Build-a-Mutie contents to create a gang of your own characters.

This pack contains 3 Metal Waster models.

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