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New: Strontium Dog – Scum of the Universe

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Their name says it all – these are the baddest of the bad, the worst of the worst, these are the new Strontium Dog Scum of the Universe!

Strontium Dog - Scum of the Universe

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Where there are bounty hunters there must, by definition, be those who have a bounty placed on their heads. Often these are violent outlaws, criminals or psychopaths.

One of Johnny Alpha’s previous partners, Sniffer Martinez, was gunned down by Kansyr on the planet Laz in Alpha’s early days as an SD Agent. Using the Halugin weapon he stole on Laz, Kansyr went on to become crime lord of the planet Metastis.

Taking part in the ancient annual death-rite known as The Killing on planet Zdwhkkrswrld (more commonly known as Zed!), Johnny and Wulf cross paths with the android Steelkreeg. Holding the two SD agents off in a bell tower using his flamethrower he eventually meets his demise!

A two-faced mutant gang leader in the Spice System, Billy Joe forced Johnny into a duel with las-whips. The outcome was a foregone conclusion as the gang leader was the system’s champion for the last 16 years.

Strontium Dog - Scum of the Universe Cards

Box contains:

  • 3 metal miniatures: Billy Joe, Kansyr and Steelkreeg
  • 3 Character cards
  • 2 Armoury cards: Electro-flare and Heat Beam
  • 1 Chicanery card: Patient Hunter

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