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Armed and Dangerous: Citi-Def in Mega-City One

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The Justice Department is sometimes not enough to stave off criminals, mutants and otherworldly invaders. Enter the Citi-Def, armed and dangerous!

The Judges of Mega-City One’s Justice Department are not only the city’s de-facto rulers and guardians, but they also serve as its armed forces. Conflagrations such as the Apocalypse War, Judgment Day and many more have seen the city’s Judges fighting against not just invaders, but even against the living dead instead of simply crime.

But they are not alone in this task. Each of MC-1’s numerous blocks are home to militia forces known as Citi-Def, and each of these militias is trained to defend their block and assist the forces of Justice Department in times of emergency and war.

Armed, Bored and Dangerous

City-Def units are well-armed and stand in a state of constant readiness should they be required to defend their block—and Mega-City One—from danger. Sadly, this dedication—combined with periods of acute boredom and a tribalistic dedication to their home blocks—can be a recipe for disaster. Many are the times the Citi-Def forces of two or more blocks have engaged in out-and-out warfare, leading not only to the loss of many lives, but also the (usually violent) intervention of Justice Department.

However, when MC-1 has faced disaster—as with the Second Robot War and other disasters—Citi-Def units have been known to excel. With the humdrum of their dreary existences replaced with real danger, these units have made good on their continued drills and ready supply of weaponry. Whilst their skills and training pale in comparison with the average Judge, the contribution of Citi-Def to Mega-City One in these times of acute danger cannot be underestimated.


Classic Moment

Mega-City Rumble (Judge Dredd annual 1982 / Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 01)


A Shuggy match between the rival Jimmy Clitheroe and John Wayne blocks escalates into violence, and soon the blocks’ Citi-Def forces are gunning for one another. Can Dredd and his fellow Judges avert a bloodbath…?





Further Reading

Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction (2000AD progs # 1765– 1784 / Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos: Endgame)

When a Sov-Block plot introduces the lethal Chaos Bug into Mega-City One, those affected by the disease are rendered uncontrollably violent and possessed with a murderous psychosis. Unable to cure the disease, Justice Department resorts to mass-euthanasia of the infected as it attempts to restrict the contagion.

When the news of Justice Department’s actions is leaked across MC-1, the city’s population turn on the Judges. Many Citi-Def units—themselves infected with the Chaos Bug—also turn their sights on Justice Department.



Extract from Dredd’s Comportment

‘The time I’ve wasted dealing with the latest instance of Citi-Def violence or plain stupidity makes me wonder if they’re worth even having around. But then they go and fight the way they did against the Sovs during the war, or against Sabbat during Judgement Day, and I cut ‘em a just a little slack.’

Citi-Def are a versatile addition to your Judge Dredd Miniatures Game forces. They can either be fielded alongside a Judge against a common enemy—such as a Block Gang or even one or more of MC-1’s mega-villains—or they can be pitted against Judges. Either way, it is easy to think they make for easy opponents. Whilst their stats may be underwhelming—even Citi-Def Squad Leaders only have a Notoriety of 10—skills such as Access to the Armoury and Leading From the Front give those Squad Leaders and their teams an increased number of Armoury Cards and enough Action Chips to overwhelm an enemy by sheer weight of fire. And when you consider a Citi-Def unit also enjoys access to body armour and weapons like rocket launchers, sniper rifles, heavy spit guns and more, it’s easy to see how these militia units can cause even Justice Department a headache or two.


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