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Judge Dredd, Profiles

Judge Dredd: The Judges of Mega-City One

We’re delving back into Mega-City One with a look at the personnel and equipment of the Justice Department. Enter the judges! Across the Earth of the 22nd century, the planet’s population is concentrated in a small number of Mega-Cities. Each of these mammoth conurbations covers hundreds of square kilometres, their ever-growing populations squeezed into thousands…

Judge Dredd, Products

Judge Dredd: Sarissa Scenery Sets

These MDF scenery sets from Sarissa add extra dimensions to games set within the sprawling Megalopolis setting of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Freeway Scenery Set Take your games to lofty new heights with the Dredd Freeway MDF kit. It rises high above the battlefield. Skirmishes on or under the freeway make for visually striking…

Judge Dredd, Profiles

Judge Dredd: Gangs and Judges

We’re taking a look at the judges and gangs of Mega-City One; soon to enter into perpetual urban warfare in the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Mega-City One is a sprawling megalopolis, its inhabitants beset by unemployment, boredom and crime, all whilst under the authoritarian watch of the Justice Department. Mega-City One is home to the wild,…