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Judge Dredd: Sarissa Scenery Sets

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These MDF scenery sets from Sarissa add extra dimensions to games set within the sprawling Megalopolis setting of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

Judge Dredd: Sarissa Scenery Sets

Freeway Scenery Set

Take your games to lofty new heights with the Dredd Freeway MDF kit. It rises high above the battlefield. Skirmishes on or under the freeway make for visually striking games. Criminals beware, when the telltale rumbles of a Lawmaster emanate from the tunnel mouth – they had best scatter. When Judge Dredd emerges from the tunnels there’ll be nowhere to hide.

Mega Freeway 1

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Silo / Gantry Scenery Set

The Sarissa Silo epitomises the gritty industrial nature of the Mega-City. Who knows what sinister substance the gangs are concocting within the steel structures. The MDF silo kit can be assembled in any number of ways. Just a few of the possibilities have been shown here. Combine two or more kits for endless customisation.

Mega Industrial 1

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Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Bring the law to the streets of Mega-City One with the brand new Judge Dredd Miniature Game. Stamp out the gangs or stick it to the Judges!

As well as a softback copy of the rules, you’ll receive 10 miniatures (in our new Warlord Resin); 8 block gang members and 2 street judges to begin your skirmishes in Mega-City One. In the box, you’ll also find a double-sided full-colour playmat and all the die and tokens you need to get playing.

Judge Dredd Starter Game and special miniature


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