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Hobby Inspiration: US Armour in Action

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Tony Clements, a keen photographer and friend of Warlord, has sent us these snaps of WW2 vehicles in action. We present them for your hobby inspiration…

Hobby Inspiration: US Armour in Action

Tony hails from Derby, not too far from (Warlord HQ). He makes it his mission to delve into history wherever he goes – always with a trusty camera on hand. He’s also a re-enactment fanatic. He recently sent us these fantastic photos of WW2 US vehicles in action.


Clements Photo 1

Half-tracks were extensively used throughout WW2. US M3 half-tracks were intended for use with armoured divisions, but they quickly found many other uses.

Clements Photo 6

Battle is joined – half-tracks deliver troops to the front.

Clements Photo 2

This particular M36 is believed to have served at the Battle of the Bulge. During the War, the M36 was not known as the Jackson – this was a post-war affectation.

Clements Photo 3

The M8 Armoured Car was dubbed the Greyhound for its favourable high speeds.

Clements Photo 4

Easy Tiger! The restored M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer seeks out a target.

Clements Photo 5

The M4 serves as an impromptu infantry mount.

We’ll hope for more from Tony’s travels soon.


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