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Spotlight: TemplarsCrusade01’s D-Day Video series

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TemplarsCrusade01 has been hard at work this week on a project to mark the anniversary of D-Day – a three-part video series, looking at how the events of that fateful day can be re-created upon the tabletop battlefield using our ‘Bolt Action’ rules system…

Part One – Introduction

Part One sets the scene – packed with historical footage of the day’s events, and with Temps talking us through some of the facts and figures… an excellent concise primer.

Part Two – The D-D Tank

In part two, he takes a closer look at one of the more specialist pieces of equipment used to attempt to storm the Normandy beaches – the Sherman D-D

Part Three – The wider range

In part three, we take a look at some of the other items in the Bolt Action range which can be used when re-fighting the battle for Normandy and are up for grabs today:


Battleground Europe

If Temps has peaked your interest, and you want to learn more about the Bolt Action system, and specifically re-fighting the battle for Normandy – your first stop should be our ‘Battleground Europe‘ Theatre Book, which offers everything you need to recreate those final campaigns in the European Theatre of Operations. Scenarios and special rules offer something for all Bolt Action players!

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Article written by Richard Dando