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    John Mathews @tokhuah: will they all be from one country? Will you have a set theatre of operation?

    United States and Japan with a focus on the Pacific. I will pick up a small number of my favorite European planes such as the Mosquito and the Macchi to have the capability to play in European scenarios. In fact, the Mosquito will most likely be my next purchase since it is in the upcoming release.

    Jim Ripley

    Just picked up a Tiger II Zug box . Happy Fathers Day to me ( plus its my birthday ) , probably build an early Porsche version , a BoB late 44 Henschel version ( with Para tank riders ) and the 3rd one as a knocked out 70 ton road block

    John Mathews

    Happy Birthday Jim Ripley. Sounds like a good present to oneself.

    invisible officer

    Yes, happy birthday . Big haul.

    Well, no new Warlord toys for me now. “She” had too much nice original stuff this month. A pre WW I Legion Etrangere Lieutenant’s képi, a Parade one for a French battalion medic pre WW I, a Chasseurs d’afrique casquette from the 1830’s. Oh, and a Saxonian Feldpost cap from 1914.

    I guess that explains……… Not to forget the power behind. The “she” – Never argue with the master. 😉

    And I have unpainted Warlord stuff left. 😉


    I’m actually visiting the Warlord store for the first time next month…I’m sure some purchases will be made!
    I’m tempted to pick up something new for my USMC (maybe the howitzer/Dodge ‘Beep’ deal and/or a LVT).
    I’ve also arranged a demo of Test of Honour so I might (i.e. definitely will) come away with some samurai…

    Boyd Bearden

    I ordered my BA US Infantry version 2 on Friday. A most welcome addition. Hopefully will have time to assemble, base and paint them while on vacation this week.


    Same as @Tokhuah. Definitely plenty of BRS planes.

    I’m not really sure if I’ll get the bombers and transports, at least one to see if the model is not too fragile for the game compared to the fighters’ mini (at least for my taste).
    But I will go crazy for the next fighters.

    I’m also considering a full Virai army but nothing sure at the moment because, you know, “don’t feed the painting backlog”


    Am thinking of expanding on my us pacific, maybe a couple of the new lvt’s. Hmm possibly the new flames thrower Sherman. Oh and some arty, a couple trucks and the newer jeeps.
    Damn it all these toys to choose from, can see me having trouble at the warlord stand at battle group south next wkend.

    John Mathews

    I’ve been away for a bit with family issues. But for my birthday I picked up the Virai book at my FLGS (which is once again carrying Test of Honour). I also ordered another copy of the Kar’A nine set (last day of the summer offensive sale) and got a free c3t7 as the optional goodie. They should get here in about a week or two.

    Waiting to see the next promo before my next purchase (probably more BtGoA or ToH).

    invisible officer

    Today it was two Blisters of TYW Croat horse. Not for any virtues of the horses (They are xxxxx) but I have staff and three trooper finished and a shop in City offered them at 50% Bargain price. So to make it a 12 miniatures unit was a must.

    I was in that area anyway so ……….

    A book on Prestonpans, one about Dark Ages and one on British Fire marks at together 5 Euros made it a good haul.

    Dr Dave

    Late WW2 British: leather jerkins, Churchills etc…

    Just waiting for a Loyd* carrier to pull my 6pdrs

    *Only 3rd and 50th British inf and Canadian 3rd inf used universals.

    Charge The Guns

    That sounds very interesting Dr Dave. What sort of opposition would you get to fight that force? King Tigers? Panthers? I’m only thinking about the tanks. Not so interested in the squishy infantry stuff. Just the tanks. If you were a bit of a tanker, for example. 😉

    Dr Dave

    Well, being strictly authentic, I’ll probably get something like 3 Churchills and perhaps a Stug, or nothing to face them. The Jerry infantry can muddle through without any armour for March ‘45 onwards – being strictly authentic.

    John Mathews

    While not the best deal ever, eBay has another promo for us Americans that ends at 11pm pacific time. Save $25 on a $119 order. With shipping I just scored 2 Ghar starter armies for $100.

    I’m not even done with my Concord army, but I need an opposing force.

    Mark Stanoch

    I just received the Strontium Dog Starter set but that Bolt Action Luftwaffe Starter Set looks quite tempting.

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