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    Edward Green

    I’m currently finishing up two more (of six total) warbands of Celts. One of them is a unit of fanatics, oh the naked glory! My next purchases will be a unit of chariots and cavalry. Then two more bolt throwers and a unit of cavalry for my Romans.

    Darrin Zielinski

    I need to Augment my 10th Mounted Rifles Regiment of the Polish 1st Armoured Division so I plan on getting an A10 Achillies as well as a machine gun carrier to finish out my 10th Dragoons of the dame division.

    Phil Barber

    Currently 3 figures away from completing my 3rd squad of Bolt Action Soviet infantry. I’ve got officers, machine guns, a T34 etc. hidden away to stop me getting distracted from the bread and butter stuff. Also have an unopened delivery of Samurai (unopened for the same reason!!) and then Cruel Seas appears and will definitely be getting some of that. Help!

    Paul G. Overend

    Awaiting Cruel Seas. Have the starter box on order and then will flesh out my forces with some R-boots and lighters.

    Wesley Myers

    My plan was to get some sprues for 1/2 price but then I noted for Canada we are required to pay $10 USA dollars while they are priced at 6 Pounds …

    6 Pounds is actually $7.71 USD. Not very cricket!


    I strongly share your interests. I have heavily invested in TOH figure sets and lots of terrain. I enjoy playing the various scenarios. There is something elegant about that system that simply appeals to me. However, I would like to pursue Samurai warfare on a grander scale, too. I have put aside a few figure boxes picked up here and there on sale. But I have not developed a systematic “plan,” i.e., to grow from small to larger sized forces with any balance along the way. Any ideas?

    Luiso Bosqueviejo

    Well, past weekend I made a demo game of Antares with my friends and everyone got excited. What a gem. So it looks we’re going to start a couple of Antarean projects.

    We also played Blood Red Skies for first time and loved it. I’m planning my next purchases now… 🙂


    Continuing to go all-in for BRS.
    Get the hurricanes and the mosquitoes with the 4 last aces last week.
    Kate’s order is ongoing and black Friday offered an opportunity to get the transports.
    Two ‘standard’ TARDIS will soon reach me so I can paint one for me and one as a gift.
    Obviously, I will go straight to the January German reinforcement wave for BRS.


    I’ve been contemplating a second long term ‘big army’ project to work on alongside my ACW Confederates.
    I’ve settled on early Imperial Romans so I’m just waiting to see if the Warlord ‘fan club’ will involve any sort of discounts etc. (and my annual bonus) and I should be all in.


    I’m now switching from all-in to what I really want/need in BRS.

    The factions cards pack is a good idea but I fell like only the doctrine and theatre cards make sense to me, so 10€ for 4 cards I really have use of is a no go for me.

    I will also pass on the defiant squadron.

    On the good news, it is really nice to see the squadron decals available at the same time.


    Black Seas (age of Sail game) due out in the Autumn. I hope the models are as good as Cruel Seas, and the rules better.

    Does anyone have anymore information on this future release?


    waiting for my orders of BA Russians & BRS Russians to turn up… then after the impending doom (aka my wedding!) it’ll be a case of taking stock of whats left of my finances…

    And then buying the BRS Russian card pack anyway & hopefully the sqn packs for the aircraft that are in Falcon Sqn will be released about then as well…..

Viewing 12 posts - 46 through 57 (of 57 total)
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