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    John Mathews

    I have always found it interesting to hear what others are planning on buying, building and what their inspiration for it was.

    Also if your stuck on an idea, but you don’t know how to proceed, post here and maybe inspiration will strike from some of the other forum members.

    I’ll kick it off:

    I was always a fan of Samurai and the Japanese culture. Not enough to learn the language or move to Japan and marry a Japanese woman (best friend from high school did that), but enough that I always wanted a Japanese Samurai army.

    So about 2 years ago I bought some WGF samurai while they were on sale and decided to begin the army. The NEXT XXXXXXXX Day WGF had closed up and I hadn’t heard that warlord had bought the kits. Boxes got buried and I went back to Zombicide painting….Uuuuuuggggghhhh. So many Zombies.

    Then I saw Test of Honour. Shining beacon of light and my dreams of bringing Legend of the Five Rings to table top returned to the front.

    So my Plan is to concurrently build my Samurai Army alongside my Test of Honour models.

    Oh and to help it along I recieved this a couple weeks ago.
    Starter army
    and the first model painted out of the box.
    Lacing 2


    My next warlord games buy are probably the ninjas and monks of TOH But first painting the romans i got for my birthday!


    Too many choices!!


    After my Early Imperial Romans get here – on Tuesday, no doubt – I’ve got choices to make for when I get paid in June. Serious choices. Things like: should I go for Germanic Tribes or Dacians to be the glorious Legion’s main enemy? Does my Test of Honour collection need to be increased (the answer is yes, always yes)? Is it time to jump into the Thirty Years’ War with Pike & Shotte, or are Konflikt ’47 and Bolt Action the more logical choices (the previous two games bought concurrently, of course)? Then there’s the Gates of Antares conundrum…

    How could the Dark Ages slip my mind? That’s never happened before. Anyway, I might end up happily ordering some more Vikings… and Saxons. Must not forget about the Saxons!

    In summary: I have no idea what’s next.

    John Mathews

    @morbal, the Ninja were very fun to paint up….sneaky Gits. I have yet to pick up the monks myself.

    The Summer of Conflict sale has me teetering back and forth between grabbing the monks, the previewed lady warriors or using the summer sale to expand my BtGoA by buying the Concord main box and getting a free Heavy drone then buying the Ghar box and getting the transport drone.

    The alternate would be buying the Semper Fidelis army so as to start my foray into Bolt Action.

    I’ve got a £100 limit, my hobby funds for a while, so maybe you gents can let me know if I’d be better off buying the Marine army starter to have the US army rule book.

    John Jones

    Planning to buy about 150 terminators with the sprue sale to get the army started


    Many BRS airplanes… vast squadrons of them.

    invisible officer

    The Landsknecht starter army is tempting. Corso made me think about getting it.
    But I have the old bones problem. Too many existing armies. I have early 16th century Landsknechte, hundreds of German flat 3 cm Zinnfiguren.
    Do I really “need” 28 mm? “She” says no, she has some Napoleonic French “Hardware” for me again.

    John Mathews

    @John Jones: that sounds awesome. Does your opponent have enough squishy humans to keep them all occupied?

    : will they all be from one country? Will you have a set theatre of operation?
    @invisible officer: I too suffer from the “Must have all the toys” special rule.

    Well I decided to take the plunge on my next project last night. I ordered a Concord Combined Command army box from the summer offensive sale (still £50, but I got a free box from the selections available so I chose the C3M4 drone £25) so £75 worth of stuff for £50 price tag.

    Now to show how I’m a cheapskate….

    See I’m one of those bloody Americans on a budget and I have to spend my tiny gaming budget wisely. So I’m constantly looking for deals. Right now the exchange rate for the $$$ to the £££ is really favoring us yanks, so ordering direct is a huge plus. My exchange rate from my bank card came back just under $1.34 to the £1. So my purchase wound up being $66.97 which also got me free shipping. Regular pricing for the US is $80.00 for the army box with most the best discounters selling for 20% off or $64.00 and no free C3M4 (a $40.00 kit) and charging shipping to boot.

    Now the wait for delivery begins……time to adjust the painting desk and decide on my basing and paint scheme.

    Let us know how you all plan your budgets/purchases. Share the cool cost saving techniques.


    @John Matthews – To keep the cost down, I’ll make army lists ahead of time and then only buy those items… in theory, at least. Doing it this way keeps extraneous purchases down to a minimum.


    I’m working on a Punic War Republican Roman army and an allied mercenary group to fight under their banners, so I went and bought the celtic command sprue to fill up for a unit and a regiment of Numidian cavalry.

    THEN shortly after the sprue sale came out ! Haha, so now I’m thinking of buying Caesarian Romans. I always buy 2-3 sprues per sale, and use them for conversions, but now I have so many that I think I may just build a Marian reformed army to play in the Late Republic. All the Gauls and Numidians I have can be used between the earlier Republicans / Caesarian forces, too.


    Landsknecht Starter Army box
    ToH – Onna-Bugeisha box
    Konflikt 47 – Heavy Italian Infantry!!!

    And maybe one of the plastic Flak 88 kits…

    Rough Rider

    Possibly the Landsknecht starter box… at this point the only new project I have on the horizon is a Blood and Plunder table for a convention next year. I may be making a purchase through Warlord for some terrain items if they have anything appropriate.


    I just yesterday bought 3 copies of Kara 9 (and a C3 Transport drone and 2 extra boxes of AI squads). So I don’t know when my next purchase will be, but I am sure it will be some Support Weapon teams for both armies.

    Herbert Erpaderp

    Most likely the Hetzer and Panzer 38t. Maybe the Chi-Ha also. I don’t have any Japanese tanks yet. Might grab some other stuff while I’m at it, but I’ve not decided what yet.

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