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    Something for the Pacific, found a set of plastic marines I forgot I’d stashed away at the weekend plus pick up a plastic m5 Stuart at bovington yesterday.
    So it looks like the Pacific theatre is on its way. Hmm buffalos might be on the list.

    Eric Fontaine

    A British line company, and some Zulu’s are calling my name…


    Right then. Since Warlord decided to give us Hail Caesar, Pike & Shotte, and Black Powder as free PDFs, the next few months are set purchase-wise, and my wallet is crying in the corner. They must have been snooping outside our house last night when I told my wife “That’s it. I’m going to focus on these EIR and the Shieldwall Skirmish Starter Set for the summer and not buy anything else”. How wrong I was… (In retrospect, if those words hadn’t been uttered, then the three free rulebook PDFs probably wouldn’t be free right now. You’re all welcome for my service.) Anywho, here’s how it looks:

    Hail Caesar
    – Germanic Tribes or Dacian Army sets (not sure which to pick up first)
    – Germania or Dacian Wars Supplement (probably the latter)

    Pike & Shotte
    – Landsknecht Starter Army
    – Battalia Starter Set
    – Battalia Expansion Set
    – TYW Book Set

    Black Powder
    – Something dealing with Colonial Americans vs Native Americans

    Pray for me, Saint George, for I go to battle with plastic and metal miniatures for the rest of time!

    John Mathews

    @Mehman, thanks for taking one for the team. Here I thought I dodged a bullet because I was going to buy Pike & Shotte for my samurai army.

    Downloaded all three, now to decide which to build, I am kind of leaning towards ACW.

    That’s what this forum is for, each of us taking a licking for the rest.


    @John Matthews – Well, when you’re in a position to take the bullet, you do. I mean, you could dodge it, but that seems silly.

    ACW is pretty popular, from what I can tell. I’ve been to many of the battlefields around Tennessee, but they didn’t spark anything in me to pursue it to the table. Of course, that was many years ago when I was but a lad. Better to stay away from them now, because who knows what I’d do?

    Rough Rider

    Meh… since my post I have bought a couple of books from Warlord.

    Andy Worsley

    Probably the Afrika Korps starter set. AK/8-rad/pzr4

    Erik E

    As a solo gamer, projects can be large efforts as doing “both sides” can take some time! I have a host of items to get, but actual armies I would like to do next area as follows:

    Landskenecht range for the Pike and Shotte scenario in the rules book. Wars of Religion I may well do too.

    Napoleonic Russians to go with the other armies.

    Bolt Action French and early war Germans.

    and for non-historicals, the Gates of Antarres has appeal with the new dronescourge range though I don’t know which other side(s) to get.

    I have a lot of other periods to add too!


    John Mathews

    @Erik E: do you have the main rules for BtGoA already? If not I’d suggest getting either the main starter set or the Kar’A Nine set as you get rule books with each. Kar’A nines book is not as full as the main sets, but still good enough with the army PDFs that are free to download. Plus each comes with dice, pin markers and order dice. Both sets also have Concord troops (most common army is hazard to say), the main starter has Ghar as the opfor and Kar’A nine has Algoryn. So with either set you’d get an enemy faction to begin fighting against.

    John Mathews

    My May 27th order just arrived on my doorstep less than an hour ago. Guess it’s time to start planning next order before these are even assembled.


    Erik E

    Hi Mr. Mathews –

    I do indeed have the hardback rule boo. I had been looking at the two supplement books Xilos and Chryseis Shard. Do you recommend those as I’m going with your recommendation of the Kar’A Nines set. Please let me know on the supplements and I’ll order.

    Thanks again for the help!


    John Mathews

    Erik, I enjoy each of the books, so if you have the funds I’d say go for it. Chryseis Shard has info on the Algoryn Hazard armor and the C3M4 close support drone for the concord as well as rules for more items for each of the factions. The Xilos book has Ghar rebels and more equipment so it is also a good addition.

    Jan Rudolph

    Just ordered a nhamak drone, a phase troop leader and a vardanari trooper to finish my 750 points of privateers for Antares. Can’t wait for the release of dronesurge (hopefully my force plans are fitting the privateer list)

    @ Erik if you are just starting with Antares stick to main rulebook for a while.
    Learn it, play it, love it 😉

    I’ve got all Antares books as hardcover as well as pdf. All of them are nice! It depends what are you searching for.

    For further reading try http://www.gatesofantares.com

    And if you have any question left feel free to contact me.


    British heavy cavalry sprues when they are available as I plan on fielding the regiments in four squadrons of four figures each


    Got some bits to work on in the meantime (Mortar Team, Engineering Tank, Infantry Squad and Paratrooper Squad) for my Japanese.

    BUT! Two of us are undertaking an epic quest (well, an hours drive or so) down to Nottingham next month where I’ll be buying up a pile of stuff for my next project.
    US Infantry, halftracks and Sherman’s….

    I think 3500pts is a safe spot to stop my Japanese for now…. 😛

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