• Ah thanks.  No big deal I guess, pity it can’t be cleared somehow, that said, the forum is pretty quiet given the use of FB these days so I don’t use it much anyway.

  • Not logged on for a while but has anyone else noticed any dashboard oddities around Notifications?  I have a red circled “2” next to the envelope icon (indicating to me that I have 2 unread messages) but when I click it I get taken to the inbox where it says there are no messages?  Clicking on any and every tab there and everywhere else also d…[Read more]

  • @Big Al  Sorry for the late reply, I use so many forums I tend to only visit the most active on a regular basis, particularly given the wholesale migration of forums to FB (which I’m not keen on, stuff just disappears too quickly, sinking into the tide of “My painted X”).

    As to the AT2 rules in the Epic book, it’s hard to say really as there…[Read more]

  • I imagine the national traits for the new nations are in the supplement?  Hopefully the Russian navy will fare better than the Spanish with their string of negatives balanced by just one positive on a ship that will likely not get uses that often.  Of course national traits are optional, just a pity that I’ve seen so many comments from Spanish f…[Read more]

  • Quite looking forward to giving this a try. Agree entirely about the tokens and templates from the starter set!  I’m not THAT interested in the US / IJN (at least at the moment), I intend to buy the hard back rule book so no need for that, I have loads of dice so essentially it’s JUST the templates and tokens.  I think I’ve found somewhere that d…[Read more]

  • It contains some of the additional rules from Albion Triumphant 2.  It’s a useful book IMO as I prefer the size / weight for carrying round, it’s also Napoleonic specific which I like.  In addition there are some Epic specific changes relating to the numbers of bases used and the impact on formations.

    There are sadly a few errors, the S…[Read more]

  • Aiyoooo.  Talk about having a ‘doh’ moment!!  Too long in covid isolation / lockdown here with no gaming for 18 months leads to the panic re-reading of multiple rule sets in a matter of days, preparing QRS sheets and new player guides for various rules and totally forgot the concept of BP morale saves being a score to beat, not to get b…[Read more]

  • Given the amount of typos that can be found in Warlord publications I’m wondering if the morale of 3 for the Horse and Life Guard regiments in Albion 2 are a misprint or not.  Literally every other regiment, including light cavalry regiments, are Morale 4 and in the absence of any explanation it seems a bit strange that the Household Cavalry have…[Read more]

  • I ended up opting to split the infantry bases in half giving bases of 30 x 20mm and stick with 4 bases per battalion.  The cavalry are also based on 30mm wide bases, 3 per base but sticking to the Epic standard of 3 bases per regiment.  The 50% reduction allows for a full Black Powder game on a 6′ x 4′ table (the equivalent of playing on a 12′ x 8…[Read more]

  • The two most popular seem to be just use cm in place of inches (but that’s always seemed way too short for everything for me) or just half all the inch distances.  Of the two I prefer the latter but we have actually produced our own QRS sheets where we have changed the inches to cm and added 25% to everything, not just the artillery ranges.

  • You will also sometimes see the +1 / +2 confusingly written as D1 / D2.  So essentially there is just +1 / +2 or D3 (as was pointed out above use a D6 where 1/2 = 1; 3/4 = 2; 5/6 =3).  I actually use a D3 dice.

  • While these are great for ‘standard’ BP on big tables they do stick with the standard BP basing and 24cm frontages.  While you could tinker with that (3 bases for standard size battalions) it does create problems for depicting attack column and square, problematic IMO given most battalions will be standard.  Another option would be to reduce the b…[Read more]

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  • Great stuff, thanks for doing this.  I spent a LOAD of time doing Nap specific QRS and unit / army summaries in spreadsheet format (on Powerpoint) and meant to get round to doing something like this.  All just takes so much time though so never got round to it.

  • OK, got it thanks.  Very good point it is too.  We will be playing a few systems, though mostly BP,  and the 15mm infantry will be based 8 figures in two rows to a 40*30 mm base with two bases to a battalion, the frontage is thus 80mm.  I had planned to model a battery using two guns on 40*40 mm bases making a battery also 80 mm wide, given a bat…[Read more]

  • Big Al’s post said “Further, the increased unit frontage (and this is why I think players like it) means that there is less chance of bringing a second unit into the fight when they charge the artillery. If you are charging a single model, any adjacent unit will be contacted and included in the combat. That means additional Closing Fire attacks…[Read more]

  • Oh, that’s interesting.  Is Pas de Charge no more then?  I didn’t realise BP2 had invalidated supplement suggested rules, merely that you used them only if you wanted?  If any rule or suggested rules have been ‘rendered obsolete’ it might be useful if an FAQ was published so folks can easily find what they are.

  • Yeah I think you’re right.  It’s in contrast to Shrapnel which is a British round option and obviously can be selected for firing if they have the rule.  I’d agree the 3 Nap books could do with at least being brought into line with each other, if nothing else, by way of an FAQ/Errata/Update.  It’s not something Warlord tends to do though it se…[Read more]

  • Yeah we are planning to use 2 guns to represent our batteries just so that the frontage is correct in proportion to the battalion frontage.  It also helps prevent the key holing of artillery fire through a 1 cm gap between 2 infantry battalions.  We have it that each of the two gun barrels needs to be able to draw a LOS to the target unit for t…[Read more]

  • Excellent point! For some reason I TOTALLY missed the downgrade option in the list pages 156-159, it’s the same (following a brief quick glance) in AT2.  Makes it easier for me as I wasn’t keen on the idea of allowing the use of half batteries in pairs (or adding yet more fiddly mechanics) as I don’t think that was the intention of the rule at…[Read more]

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