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    I’ve consolidated the various optional rules from the 3 black powder supplements for the Napoleonics in to a single document for the guys at my local club in the UK.  Any way thought I’d put it up here to see what people think.

    Its written in a short hand as we all have the supplements, but rather than having the take them all around I thought this would be easier for us to have as a guide & also removed things that are no longer in the v2 rulebook.  There are a couple of little rules that are hidden away like the elite 5+ Light Infantry being able to deploy as smaller units which are found in national rules that I’ve put in so its easier for people to find.

    The only real change I’ve done is with the lacking initiative, is put (order) there as some nations get a ‘default order’ in addition to the initiative orders than all nations get in the rules.

    Edit – we played a couple of games with points generated armies but with the UKs lockdowns etc not really had a lot of game time in the last year.

    Charge The Guns

    That’s a really useful summary, Nat.  Thanks for sharing 👍


    Nat if i remember rightly weren’t there optional rules for fighting over bridges and fording as well as in woods in CoE?


    Good shout.. will need to go back over the rules.


    Great stuff, thanks for doing this.  I spent a LOAD of time doing Nap specific QRS and unit / army summaries in spreadsheet format (on Powerpoint) and meant to get round to doing something like this.  All just takes so much time though so never got round to it.

    Jeff Unruh

    Light infantry formation – 1/2 shooting dice rounded up. So for a standard unit, they would roll 2 dice. Of course with BP, it could be any number of places but where in the rules did you find this? Thank-you in advance.


    Sorry havent logged in for a while so didnt see this.

    But yeah most of the additional formation stuff is clash of Eagles as is the optional rules for forming squares.

    The file is core rulebook v2 + Albion Triumphant 1 & 2 + Clash of Eagles combined…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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