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    richard zamudio

    As I am new to Blackpowder, What is the best route to using 15mm for a 28mm game? Is it best to convert distances to cm, or to halve them? Sorry to post such an oft posted question, but I was unable to navigate the search engine.

    Garry Wills

    I have always played BP with 15mm and use three key changes to take advantage of the extra space on the table;

    1. use cm instead of inches, it is the easiest conversion, at least for those of us in Europe.

    2. increase artillery ranges by 25% (you will struggle with some historical scenarios with out this)

    3. the brigade move maximum separation of units is 12cm (encourages more realistic deployments, e.g. allowing adjacent columns to deploy into line)

    Enjoy BP, you can see my games here



    The two most popular seem to be just use cm in place of inches (but that’s always seemed way too short for everything for me) or just half all the inch distances.  Of the two I prefer the latter but we have actually produced our own QRS sheets where we have changed the inches to cm and added 25% to everything, not just the artillery ranges.

    kevin duffy

    try this qrs for 15mm

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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