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  • At times you’ll have to sacrifice 100% accuracy if you’re trying to get a specific unit or do some major kitbashing.  I did some quick research into those units though I’m much more familiar with late war stuff and know virtually nothing about Gebirgsjager, hope I can help you get started!

    The standard plastic Fallschirmjager should handle your F…[Read more]

  • Heard back from Warlord

    The intervening infantry, artillery, soft-skin have similar rules as cover so must obscure 50% of the target unit to give soft-cover.

    The height of a vehicle is taken into account when determining the 50%, so taller vehicles potentially won’t receive cover from infantry


  • I contacted Warlord; they said they’ll forward the question to Aleksai and that the answer may end up in the next FAQ

  • I dont know man it still doesn’t really seem that cut and dry; it’s different to how all other cover is applied in game, it also states “as explained in the section about cover” which includes the 50% rule, and I genuinely don’t believe I should be able to obstruct a shot at a MAUS from a 17 pdr because I stuck an spotter in the middle of the di…[Read more]

  • Is the intervening infantry considered cover, or is the blanket statement that shooting through infantry provides a -1 cover bonus?

    Interpretation of this will drastically change how this rule is applied in any situation, since if it’s the former the “cover” unit will have to obscure at least 50% of the target unit to give the modifier.  If i…[Read more]

  • I’d actually argue that they might not provide cover to the tank.  While the base rule is shooting through an enemy unit gives soft cover, vehicles have cover rules that might change that.

    On pg 106 ROLLING TO HIT there is two considerations for vehicles to receive a cover bonus.  First is “when you work out whether a vehicle is in cover or not,…[Read more]

  • Yes to both questions, since the flamethrower is at point blank it always applies +1; however it also will apply long range at 3”-6” for -1

    Effectively you will role 2s up to 3” and 3s up to 6”, so long as you don’t have other modifiers.  Pistols should also follow this method

  • Correct, only the para infantry section benefits from this rule. Teams, officers, artillery, etc do not receive the stubborn rule.

  • No that is not correct.

    pg 83 para 3 “resolve each order (including the officers original order) in turn, finishing each unit’s action before going on to the next, in any sequence you like.”

    Unless there’s something in FAQ I’m missing; You’re friend should have activated a single unit, resolved close combat, destroyed the loser as necessary,…[Read more]

  • The correct method should be roll to hit, roll for damage (6+), then roll on damage table to see what happens.

    Soft skins will never roll for superficial damage since that’s for armored vehicles only, also you do not apply the modifiers for shooting at sides and rear to soft skins

    Hope this helps!

  • I think main reason would be value, if you buy the 251 upgrade you’re paying £5.99 and only get 2 guys and a mortar that you have to convert from medium into a light mortar.  With the DAK he’d be paying £6.00 get what he wants and be able to make 4 additional infantry that’ll be unique.

    Though thanks for making me aware of that kits existenc…[Read more]

  • Ah lol, didn’t realize that was the only thing you needed.  From the looks of it DAK is the only set that has it.  You could get a single sprue and make the mortar, plus a few unique rifleman or MG team; never hurts to add extra variation to your army

    Here’s a link to buy a single sprue if that’s what you’d need to get it done

    htt…[Read more]

  • Have you kept the heads from German grenadiers or other sets?  If you have, just get the DAK set and paint the uniforms Feldgrau instead of tan.  I’m no historian but as far as I can tell the uniforms and gear are pretty much the same.  You won’t get any STG44s in the kit but if you’re like me you have enough already  🙂

    If you haven’t b…[Read more]

  • Here’s the video, a lot of his bashes include winter Germans, they seem to be one of the most versatile kits available

  • Best conversion method I’ve seen is from OnPointHQ where he makes plastic winter airborne.  He uses winter German bodies with US GI arms and heads with airborne gear.  The webbing won’t be 100% correct but at tabletop distance you won’t really know much of a difference.

  • I doubt you’ll find an exact answer since firefight doesn’t seem to be an “official” rule set.

    My guess is that you will have to roll to hit as with any other weapon.

    The D2 could mean any number of things; number of inches of the explosion radius, how many “shots” are taken, or even could be a typo for D3/1” template.  My best guess would be…[Read more]

  • I misspoke, what I meant is that there’s almost no reason to use the AoUS paratroopers if you are able to use the (Late War) paratroopers in a game didn’t actually mean that they “replace” the entries.  Specifically for the Market Garden book, using the Late War is going to be much better than using the basic paratroopers from AoUS with how rest…[Read more]

  • If you are building some Market Garden or later paratroopers, there is a dedicated squad build-up included with the Band of Brothers box that came out after the Armies of… book that covers the units you want to build.  It should take precedence since it’s the most recent unit build.

  • I’m pretty sure 1/48 is a lot closer to Bolt Actions infantry models scale than 1/56 is.  Tank crews always seem much smaller than the standard infantry but the pilot for the mustang was just a tiny bit larger than an infantry model.  It’s close enough that it doesn’t bother me as much as the tank scale.

    The model was a Airfix P51-D, I’ve al…[Read more]

  • Before you buy the metal kit, I’d recommend looking at the Flak 37 with transport option, if you don’t like working with metal models.  It’s the plastic kit which still works for Blitzkrieg, includes a transport, and the kit I received also included lumbers.  It’s a good option since you’ll have to get a sdkfz. 7 anyways if you want to move the gu…[Read more]

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