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    Jacob Carter

    I’m wanting to build a lot more “desperation” units for some thematic late war games one of which is Luftwaffe squads.

    I’m wondering is there a kit that I should use that will get me really close to the equipment given to those units?  I have zero interest in working with the metal kits so I’m looking for a plastic kit that will get me as close as possible.  Would either German grenadiers or DAK work well enough?

    Gotta be able to make a lot of them since a scenario I’m working on is a defended airfield being attacked by commandos/airborne

    Paul Nettle

    I am not as expert, but from late 1943 the Luftwaffe Field Divisions were taken over by the Heer, so should be equiped like the German Grenadiers.  Most fought on the Eastern Front of course.

    richard zamudio

    The Warlord paratrooper plastic box set is a good start point for making troopers. I like to use the figures with the longer jackets and add heads with Heer style helmets. I also have seen a Concord publication that shows artwork for a LW Fieldivision trooper who is wearing the paratrooper style smock but wearing a Heer style helmet. His trousers are LW blue as is his helmet. The smock is a camo pattern. My suggestions are for the earlier style before they were absorbed into the Wehrmacht.  Hope this helps a bit:)

    invisible officer

    The smock worn by LW Felddivision late war is not that of Fallschirmjäger and had a different cut. Nerds like me would see that …. 😉

    Some Fallschirmjäger got sent in 42 to LW Feld Regimenter as base, they kept the FJ smock they had been issued with until it was in tatters.


    The units of Wehrmacht:   Heer, Luftwaffe und Kriegsmarine , had no desperate look in 44/45, only Volkssturm had little equipment and little uniform dress. The idea that Wehrmacht had just rags left is a common misconception.

    In small arms there was a crisis in 40/41  , so second rate units got Beute / captured rifles and MG for stationary guard jobs. But in 44/45 the regulars had everything they needed. Volkssturm got the captured stuff. LW had typical German arms, K 98  , MP 40,  MG .


    A common worn item was the Zeltplane so miniatures wearing that as camo top would be ideal.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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