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    Still working my way through the rulebook but would like to get building my miniatures in the mean time. I got the US Army Starter Box and the American half of the Band of Brothers box. With those two sets, how would most build out the units? There are a TON of options on the sprues but I am pretty sure I can’t make 4 bazooka troops for instance.  I know I need to make some kind of HQ and possibly some support units (can I do that out of these sets) and I am not sure what the typical unit sizes are in most games.  Also, can I include airborne units in my US Army army?  Is there any historical accounts of combined units/squads like that? Thanks for any help in advance.

    Jacob Carter

    Sounds like you’re looking at late war, so you’ll definitely need an officer and I’d highly recommend making one into a FOO (observer).  I think you’d also be able to make a medic with the GI kit if you wanted to.

    You can only have 1 bazooka team per platoon so I wouldn’t make more than that

    Here’s basic squad makeup, though you’ll have to tailor it to how you think you might play
    USGI:  Max of 12 men per squad, additional options are; NCO can be given a SMG (three other men can be given smgs if you make them veterans) up to 2 BARs in each squad

    Airborne: Max 12 per squad, additional options are; NCO plus 3 others can be given SMGs, 1 BAR per squad, and 2 LMGs plus loaders

    I think the GI starter comes with 3 MMGs so I’d build the MG that comes on the Airborne sprue as LMGs (don’t forget to build loaders), though that may require a tiny bit of kitbashing.

    Since you can use GIs and Airborne in the same platoon. For number of squads I’d aim for roughly 3 for the GIs with at least 1 BAR per squad.
    What I did for my own airborne was to build assault and base of fire squads.  Assault squads have lots of SMGs, and BoF squads get the LMGs.

    Sorry for the spastic response, let me know if you have any questions on stuff I’ve said and I’ll gladly clarify


    Thank you for the info. I will read up a bit to be sure I am  not missing anything when I start building.

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