Cruel Seas

Cruel Seas is a 1/300th scale tabletop miniatures game; you command flotillas of small ships in battle. With six or more ships per side, action is fast-paced; a thrilling seaborne dogfight can be fought in forty-five minutes or less.

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IJN No. 1-Class Fast Transport T6

Built as a need to more effectively transport troops under the hail of American aircraft, the No.1- Class Fast Transport launches for the IJN in Cruel Seas. No. 1 Class In 1943, the Imperial Japanese Fleet was suffering from the effects of American air superiority. Though some Destroyer vessels had been converted to transports, this…

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Cruel Seas: ML 303 Motor Launch

Launch into Cruel Seas with the ML 303 Motor Launch. Supplement your Royal Navy flotillas with this powerful addition to your fleets.   Contains 2 resin & metal ships – supplied unassembled and unpainted View in Store   By far the largest of Royal Navy flotilla vessels were the ML (motor launches), used for a…

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Cruel Seas: Royal Navy T-class submarine

Rule beneath the waves with the Royal Navy T-Class Submarine!   Launching into the Cruel Seas is the Royal Navy T-Class Submarine. Break the surface and prey on unsuspecting foes with this powerful addition to your fleet.     View in Store   T-Class Submarine The Triton (or “T”) class of submarines played a major…

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Cruel Seas: Fairmile B ML 145 Gunboat

The Royal Navy is launching their new Fairmile B ML 145 Gunboat, bringing more firepower to your fleets for Cruel Seas …   View in Store Fairmile B The Fairmile B class Motor Launch weighed in at 85 tonnes and 112 feet long. Crewed by 16 men it could make in the region of 20…

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New: British Landing Craft Gun (large) Mk III

Bring your invasion fleet into shore under the ever watchful crew of the British Landing Craft Gun (large) Mk III this June…     The landing craft guns (large) (LCG(L)) was armed with two QF 4.7 inch guns manned by Royal Marine crew, Multiple Oerlikon 20 mm AA guns and 2-pounder pom-poms. These ships were…

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D-Day 75th Anniversary Warlord Games Campaign! – Welcome

Welcome to the D-Day 75th Anniversary Warlord Games Campaign! We’ve been really excited about the forthcoming Bolt Action campaign book; D-Day Overlord. This release, combined with the commemorations being held as part of the 75th anniversary of the landings in France, means we plan to have a big focus on all things D-Day related. As…