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Cruel Seas: Painting Guides Royal Navy & Kriegsmarine

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Ahoy! Warlords Head of Product Design, Paul Sawyer, recently asked Warlorder Darek to pull together details of which paints he used to paint various fleets…

He’s gone further than that and has, with graphic designer Adam’s help, produced a series of painting guides – Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine guides attached here. More will be on their way for the other four fleets so you can happily get your brushes wet safe in the knowledge that the colours you’re using will be correct.

More paint set details will be coming together for you very soon!

RN Vosper Guide

RN Fairmile D Guide

Kriegsmarine Scnellboot S38 & S100 Guide

Kriegsmarine Vorpostenboot Flakship Guide

Kriegsmarine M1 Minesweeper Painting Guide