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The Battle of Sukho Island: A Cruel Seas Scenario

Seibel ferries mount a desperate retreat in this new Cruel Seas scenario...

The Battle of Sukho Island: A Cruel Seas Scenario

October 1942. Leningrad is under siege, and General Winter is closing his iron fist around the city, already practically encircled by Axis forces. The only way to resupply the embattled city is by ship, across the watery expanse of Lake Lagoda. Covering the approaches to the Soviet Lagoda Flotilla’s bases at Novaya Ladoga is the garrison on Sukho Island.

Desperate to interdict the supply runs across the lake, the Axis has launched an all-out assault to neutralize the shore batteries protecting the anchorage, and strike a devastating blow against the Soviet forces there. Their assault force, supplied by the Luftwaffe’s Einsatzstab Fähre Ost, comprised 11 armed Seibel Ferries, 3 transport ferries, and 7 infantry assault boats, carrying 70 infantry. 

We join the action in the aftermath of this disastrous assault – the infantry has pulled back to the transport ferries and assault boats, some of which had to be refloated after grounding themselves on the rocky island. Two of the island’s three 100mm guns have been destroyed, but the last one is proving particularly troublesome, blasting away at the retreating Germans.


German Forces: Escape the area while minimizing casualties.

Soviet Forces: Destroy the German assault force.


The German force consists of three armed Seibel ferries with regular crews, and two unarmed Seibel ferries with regular crews. They start stationary with their sterns touching the marked island and must escape the board via the western edge. 

The Soviet force consists of four G-5 motor torpedo boats. They start at combat speed anywhere along the southern table edge with their sterns touching the edge of the board.

Special Rules

The Soviet forces are supported by a shore battery on Sukho Island. (Veteran Crew; Damage: 50; one 100mm gun [120cm; 8D6 damage])

Game Length

The game lasts until both unarmed Seibel ferries have escaped the area or been sunk.


The Soviet player wins when both unarmed Seibel ferries are sunk. 

The German player wins by escaping with both unarmed Seibel ferries or sinking all the attackers.

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