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Cruel Seas: Evacuate the Beaches

Pinned down by strafing fighters and shrieking dive bombers, several divisions of Allied troops must be rescued from the Dunkirk beaches!   With the release of Close Quarters, designer John Lambshead has provided a system for embarking and disembarking troops during a game of Cruel Seas. We’re using these rules to recreate the daring rescue…

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D-Day 75th Anniversary Warlord Games Campaign! – Welcome

Welcome to the D-Day 75th Anniversary Warlord Games Campaign! We’ve been really excited about the forthcoming Bolt Action campaign book; D-Day Overlord. This release, combined with the commemorations being held as part of the 75th anniversary of the landings in France, means we plan to have a big focus on all things D-Day related. As…

Cruel Seas, Gaming & Collecting

John’s Cruel Seas Workshop

Hey all and welcome aboard Mr Stallard’s Cruel Seas Workshop! It’s no surprise that our illustrious leader has been beavering away in his lunchtime hours and long winter evenings at his fabulous Cruel Seas collection… Hello Folks, We recently underwent a bit of renovation here in the office, not being one to throw away rather…

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Spotlight: Bronekaters on the Danube

At Budapest, the Danube river swells to a formidable 560m at its widest point, a mighty obstacle for the rampaging Russians. While several bridges spanned the Danube in multiple places, Soviet forces often found themselves needing to rapidly ford the river. Budapest was once two cities, divided by the mighty Danube river. Pest, on the…

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