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D-Day 75th Anniversary Warlord Games Campaign! – Welcome

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Welcome to the D-Day 75th Anniversary Warlord Games Campaign!

We’ve been really excited about the forthcoming Bolt Action campaign book; D-Day Overlord. This release, combined with the commemorations being held as part of the 75th anniversary of the landings in France, means we plan to have a big focus on all things D-Day related. As we hit the beaches and drive on to Paris we’ll be taking the opportunity to incorporate all three of our WWII range of games together for the first time.

We’ll have a host of scenarios each week over the next 3 months – some new, some historical and some from the latest campaign book; D-Day Overlord.

You’ll find many of these scenarios are Linked. Play battles in different game systems where the results could (and likely will) affect the next battle!

Signing up and finding your local shop to play battles in easy, read the weekly newspaper for updates and see at a glance how the Axis or Allied forces are prevailing.

Find articles about the history, characters, special rules and some surprises along the way within the campaign website.

Log your battles and gain awards. Post your pictures of battles, your armies, your favourite troops and you could gain a coveted Mentioned In Dispatches certificate

what are you waiting for – sign up today!

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