Beyond the Gates of Antares, Concord, Isorian Shard

Gates Of Antares: Splintering Shard supplement

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Splintering Shard details one of the longest standing conflicts in the Antarean universe – between the opposing IMTels (Integrated Machine inTELligence) of the PanHuman Concord and Isorian Senatex…

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Having expanded across the many worlds of the Antarean Nexus for almost 300 years, the separation of the PanHuman Concord into two shards was in no way an easy split. It is perhaps best to regard the sundering of the IMTel as an oft-violent and haphazard splintering, the usurpation of the IMTel’s nanosphere by a foreign nanospore: the bio silicon nanospore infected by the Isorian’s conflict with the Tsan Kiri.

This mini-supplement explains the background and effects of the conflict, in particular as to how it impacted on the Northern Interface – the fragile border extending roughly along the Antarean north-west from the cauldron of conflict, the Determinate.

The effects of the real-space Tsan Kiri wars is shown, and we present some of the key individuals and units from a critical moment along the shifting frontier: the Isorian capture of the strategically vital system of Averahn.

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