Cruel Seas

Cruel Seas is a 1/300th scale tabletop miniatures game; you command flotillas of small ships in battle. With six or more ships per side, action is fast-paced; a thrilling seaborne dogfight can be fought in forty-five minutes or less.

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Spotlight: HSK-7 Komet

HSK-7 Komet was a German auxiliary cruiser in World War II that operated as a Commerce Raider to disrupt Allied shipping. Auxiliary Cruisers Although a number of navies employed the use of commerce raiders in both World Wars, it was a particular practice of Germany to outfit merchantmen with hidden weaponry. These ships would then…

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Cruel Seas: Submarine Warfare

The German U-Boat VIIc will shortly be emerging from the depths. We compare it to the Royal Navy T-class Submarine in Cruel Seas. German U-Boats Submarines saw tremendous success in the first World War- they were a sharpened and precise instrument of naval blockades. They were not particularly manoeuvrable whilst submerged, travelling like any other…