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The Antares Initiative – Month 4 – Brett from October Wargames

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Brett who is part of the October Wargames has played some games using his Concord Army! In this month, he shares his battles with the Boromites!

By Brett Dawson


I’ve managed to play a few games now of Antares and slowly getting to grips with it, we have a good connection with our group that we can ask away at anything that crops up and get good responses as well al passing information onto new and potentially new players to the game.

C3 Vs Boromite Setup

The latest game I have had was against Artur’s Boromites and so did not go to plan… But I always like to play as afar as I can no matter what.

We were playing the Scenario: 2 Reinforce the Position

Boromite Survivors

Setting up I got my X-launcher into a good position for line of sight but unfortunately no cover, having no drones (as of yet as still at 500pts) meant I need to use as much field of vision as possible. The other 2 Strike teams set up in easy distance of some cover ready for the battle.

Artur got his Mag Light Support into position and a unit with Mass Compactors (which looked very scary) and a unit of Micromites ready for the run.

Boromite Mag Light Support

Turn 1:

This was a relatively quick turn as both my C3 and the Boromites brought in all of I reserves onto the table, the C3 just wanting to get into some cover and ready for a defence and the Boromites bringing in there last Mag Light Support and a unit of Gang Fighters and two fast and nasty looking Lavamite units.

C3 Vs Boromite T1

There was a few exchanges of fire causing a pin to be put on the Mag Light Support and the Mass Compactor unit which also took the first casualty of the game, my C3 came off a little worse although no casualties there was two Strike teams that took pins.

Boromite fail charge

Turn 2:

Proved a little hard for my C3 with one strike team rolling a 10 to do an advance command and getting themselves stuck and a Strike team taking fire from several units and despite having a good save they lost 2 which included a lance.

C3 Vs Boromite T2

The X-Launcher for the second turn managed to drop a good hit even with scatter onto the Gang fighters but only loosing one and then getting a good roll on there order check meant they we not slowed enough. The sneaky Boromites managed to get two Micromites into contact with a Strike team so panic started to set in.

Turn 3:

The road downhill started to go very quickly after a nice hit causing the Mass Compactor unit to loose another member with the Boromites putting mass fire from a Mag Light Support scoring 2 out of the 3 shots into the left flank and vaporizing the Strike team in cover and enough shots to make the unit flee. The armour from the C3 Strike teams couldn’t hold up and the second unit was cut down. Luckily the Lavamite unit failed to charge my Strike team in cover leaving a full team of C3 Strike members going to open fire and vaporise them… Unfortunately erm this wasn’t how it played out as with having 1 pin on the unit they managed to fail there fire command and just had to look on in distress as to what might be approaching them.

C3 Vs Boromite T3

Turn 4:

This showed how nasty those Lavamites actually are with them charging and melting 2 of the 3 Strike team members and then the remaining member managing to go 1 full round of fighting before being eaten and the Lavamite unit scurrying behind a shield.

C3 Vs Boromite T4

The rest of the Boromites advanced down the battle field.

More failed hit and command but with a nice shot from the X-Launcher putting the Mass Compactor unit down to 1 member but they managed to keep their heads and stay on the board.

Boromite Casulties

Turn 5:

It was over very quick with the C3 Strike team running away and the valiant X-Launcher being left to take on the Boromite horde… We decided to call it there and I will have to learn to deal with Boromites like how I can currently do to the Ghar.

Deadly combat

Looking at Games I have played

Out of the games I have played a fair few have been Scenario based as we are still learning we have done a few normal fights too but have try’d to do what Scenarios we can. The first being the Drone-integration which was a nice simple break into the world of Antares I played it a few times and apart from my brain sting to go gun ho and loose when I ran for the drone and completely forgot about the victory conditions it was fairly even for wins and losses and my starting to learn how to deal with Ghar.

The two other Scenarios I can remember from playing have been the Reinforce the Position and Bridgehead which both worked in different ways as to what was needed and flowed very smoothly. I haven’t played enough at the moment to critique the missions and I am enjoying playing the ones I have which has got me learning how to deal with Ghar (to Marks dismay) and a learning curve against Boromites.


Well we are hurtling through these months far too quickly but have been enjoying it all the way.

My C3 are going to be scaring everyone as moving to 750 means I have drones everywhere including the Medi-Shard which I can’t wait to have helping annoy everyone as they keep my Strike teams alive and a fully effective X-Launcher with Spotter, Batter drone and full ammo.

I’ve been working out my commander and her history and can’t wait to build her and see what everyone thinks.

Barring any issues with terrain I have a few bits to paint and a modular cave system to construct (more on that once I source the materials), it has been great talking with the community listening to the podcasts and working out ideas for the game so I foresee lots more to come.


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