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The Antares Initiative – Month 3 – Brett from October Wargames

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October Wargames member Brett Dawson who has a Concord army has shared his battle accounts from Month 3 in this article!

By Brett Dawson

So wow November time already seems to be flying past but I am enjoying it and keep finding things I like about Antares. So this month its been interesting getting my army painted and the colour scheme I chose has worked well so I was able to assembly line everything and blast through them, the only extra things I have needed to do was to give the bases a quick highlight with Administratum Grey and with the help from the rest of the group in painting advice was to wash sections of the models.


I still have to work on a unit identifier but have some thoughts on that with potentially doing line markings on the shoulders nice and simple but effective.

Now I have been getting more games in and to Marks dismay I’ve managed to pull out a few wins Vs his Ghar which was so lovely… My next new target is Arthur with his pesky Boromites, all I can currently say with them is WHAT who gave them that awesome resistance and command stats.

So with much ado here’s a brief of the current games I’ve played:

The might of my Concord Vs Boromites

Now we only got two rounds in but was still good as both of us learned a lot during the game. First turn met with my X-Launcher being awesome with scoring 5 hits on the Boromite Gang Fighters but luckily for them there Resistance rolls saved them. It was nice to play a game where I could rapid fire my guns without worrying about pins so could unleash the full force of the Concord. Unfortunately my lances couldn’t hit the planet they were stood on so was glad to be able to rely on rapid fire.


The X-launcher managed a second turn on 5 hits but still failing to kill anything but the pins helped stop units moving. The main surprise was them Lavamites with that platform… think next time I play against them need to save my dice on any squads on the same side as ooo then pack a punch (well bite really).


Our game finished after turn two and at that point was a loss to me but was very nice to play against and makes me like the game more because the play styles of the different races is very different.



Concord Vs Ghar

This was a bit of a blood bath with Mark realising I am getting better at dealing with the Ghar suits. The X-Launcher was still managing to knock out 5 hits each turn and even managed to detonate a Ghar Battle Suit. During the game those pesky Ghar Outcasts managed an amazing round of fire and wiped out a full C3 Strike squad in cover how I have no idea well yes I do just a mass of shells (9 of them) cutting my poor Strike squad to ribbons.


Now I’m not one for dice shaming but it had to be done with this game as I had a C3 Strike squad with perfect line of sight to the Ghar Assault squad that already had a pin on it as I need 5’s as I rapid fired my weapons and managed to score a total of ZERO hits!!! Although the picture does show a 4 I actually knocked that from a 6… How could I not do anything there was only 2 of the suits left.

Luckily the other C3 Strike team that was a lance down from injury shooting single shots through cover managed to kill one of the suits and then watched for the second time a Ghar unit run off the board. Although mark had his killer unit of Outcasts left we called it there as think with the remaining Strike squads I had could deal with the Outcasts.

More stuff and Commander!

Now we have our chance to add 250pts more to our forces and there was a few ideas I had for mine, I have already thought of the back story for my force and Commander and limited myself on what I can take so decided to go for another support unit (I can see a nice hole being put in Ghar suits soon) as well as a Medi-Probe unit and as many drones as I could get my hands on along with ammo upgrades for the Strike teams and the X-launcher (much to the dismay of Mark as he’s dreading the X-launcher ammo and much needed aids for shooting).

My 250pts:

C3 Support Team (40pts) – Plasma Cannon (35pts), Spotter Drone (10pts), Batter Drone (20pts) = 105pts

For C3 X-Lancher – All Ammo Upgrade (15pts), Spotter Drone (10pts), Batter Drone (20pts) = 45pts

C3 Strike Teams – Spotter Drone (10pts) x4, SlingNet Ammo (5pts) x4 = 60pts

Medi-Probe Shard = 40pts

Thoughts on my Commander

Now as I have chosen to have no command squads my main commander is going to be the NuHu Mandarin, I love the model (chosen the female one) and the idea behind what they are. I had the ideas for what I want to do with my commander almost from day one and now hopefully I can bring my thoughts through to actual model design. It’s going to be a simple conversion on the NuHu as putting a helmet on her and as well as attaching a Stave and depending on what they can sort for me I’ll either be cutting up a plasma pistol or greenstuffing one to the model. The main conversion is going to come in the form of her drone addition as even though I LOVE snipers I just couldn’t do the Isorians justice so working out my own for the Concord.

Final thoughts on the game so far as all good I know I still need to read up more on overhead shots and other things that have cropped up like buildings but the flow is nice and it’s now not often that there is an issue and games are running nice and smoothly.

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