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New: Alexander Leslie, Lord Leven!

Here’s a character we’ve been asked for so many times we’ve lost count! We can now bring you Alexander Leslie – leader of choice for many Scots Covenanter players! The Covenanter’s armies most gifted and successful general. This Thirty Years War veteran was instrumental in the English Civil Wars. Own this model today! Grab this…

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New: Pike & Shotte – The Devastator!

Seven feet of Highland aggression wielding a huge claymore, Alisdair ‘The Devastator’ Mac Colla was a tour de force in the English Civil Wars. This is Warlord’s take on perhaps the most dangerous man in the British Isles at the time… Alasdair MacColla ‘The Devastator’, a man who went by many names, some rarely used…

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Updated! Preview: The Devastator!

Updated: 23rd July, 2010 You saw him in the ‘green’ – now see Alisdair ‘The Devastator’ Mac Colla in all his painted glory: Standing at 7-foot tall, Alisdair ‘The Devastator’ Mac Colla was a larger than life character in every way. Right hand man to the Marquis of Montrose, Mac Colla was a legendary figure….

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New: Pike & Shotte Army Deals!

As we’ve released loads of new miniatures for our Pike & Shotte range over the past few months we’ve taken the opportunity to revamp our special offers and army deals. There’s never been a better time to start that new army or add to your existing force – there’s plenty of cash to be saved…

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New! More Irish Brigade!

With more and more of you snapping up our Montrose Irish boxed set and ol’ Montrose himself, we’ve created two releases that will allow you to reinforce your Irish regiments. First off we’ve got an assortment of footmen for those of you who like pointy things with our Irish Brigade Pike: If you prefer your…

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New: Irish Brigade Reinforcements

The Irish Brigade were a Brigade of three veteran regiments brought over from Ireland by Charles 1. They were all largely Irish and Catholic and had been fighting for some time in the Thirty Years War in Continental Europe.They formed the hard core of the Marquis of Montrose’s forces in his titanic struggle for control…

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Gallery: King Charles I

Resplendent in ornate cuirassier armour and sat astride his trusty warhorse, Charles Stewart cuts a fine figure as he commands his forces in the field. We recently received this lovely paint job from Dale Yates and couldn’t wait to show it off! Divisive but powerful, Charles I was the King of England, Ireland, and Scotland….