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Preview: Irish Brigade Command

One of the most eagerly-awaited ranges we’ve done is well underway and now we’ll titillate and tantalise you further by showing off the new Irish Brigade Command sculpts: First off we have the Irish Brigade Piper. This stalwart old chap is obviously playing an inspirational tune on his bagpipes to keep up the morale of…

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New Release: Pike & Shotte Scottish Covenanters

We’ve been promising them for a while and as usual Warlord has delivered. If the Royalists or standard Parliamentarians aren’t to your liking, then how about you give our Scots Covenanters a glance: Each boxed set contains 40 miniatures: 36 multi-part hard plastic miniatures (24 Musketeers and 12 Pikemen) and 4 all-new metal command miniatures…

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New Release: Pike & Shotte Artillery

Artillery in the 17th century were not like the powerful and devastating equipment of the modern era. While clumsy, difficult to move, and often more frightening than actually dangerous to the enemy, the artillery train was considered a vital part of the army. This week we are very proud to offer not one but two…