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Chris Adcock’s Scots Covenanter Frame Gun

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Our good mate Chris Adcock has pulled out all the stops (on his paint bottles apparently) and has given us this expertly painted Scots Covenanter Frame Gun. The frame gun was a Scots favourite. Small, compact, and easy to manoeuvre, frame guns come in all shapes and sizes. They could be single barrelled, double-barrelled or even quadruple barrelled as is our Warlord gun!

As you can see, Chris put forth his best paintbrush in the muted Hodden grey tones of the crew’s kit to the smooth detail work he accomplished on the faces.

Think you can do better? We’d love to see the results of your endeavours! Well you can get cracking and give it a try by ordering your own Scots Covenanter Frame Gun from the Warlord webstore!