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A Beginners Guide to Wargames Modelling

A Beginners Guide to Wargames Modelling

One question I get a lot in customer services is “what do I need to start the hobby”, this is a pretty essential question for beginners and I thought I’d create a catch-all article to explain the ins and outs of starting a miniatures collection. There are four main materials used in warlord games products:…

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Hobby: Your Black Seas

Black Seas has only been out a short time but fleets are springing up all over the place. We’ve been keeping an eye on your Black Seas. We’ve been trawling social media, and have been mightily impressed with what we’ve found. Here are just a few of our favourite flourishing fleets.   Andy Zeck We…

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Black Seas: Painting your Fleet

Getting excited about setting sail with our brand new game; Black Seas? We’ve got an article on how you can go about painting your ships! In the Carronade Era, there wasn’t a clearly defined painting scheme consistently used by specific nations, but rather a fairly limited pallet of colours that could be used in various…