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Black Seas: Spanish Navy Paint Set

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Prepare your Spanish fleet for the Black Seas, this paint set contains all the most commonly used colours used by the Spanish Navy.

Black Seas: Spanish Navy Paint Set

Spanish ships followed various different patterns similar to the French and the British. However, Spanish captains favoured a red or maroon hull with black stripes. They could also add some blue details, especially on the stern of the ships. Like the French, they could have white or yellow masts with white, black or blue Tops, Bands and Yards.

Spanish Ship

Spanish Navy Paint Set

Below is a list of the paint bundle’s contents, as well as a guide to its usage with Spanish Navy vessels, as shown in the above image.

  • Army Painter Dragon Red: Hull and masts
  • 950 Matt black: Hull, masts, gun barrels and anchors
  • Army Painter Spaceship Exterior: Sails
  • Army Painter Leather Brown: Deck, keel and lifeboat inners.
  • 963 Medium Blue: Bow and stern
  • 820 Off White: Lifeboats, bow and stern detailing
  • Army Painter Brain Matter Beige: Deck details
  • 843 Cork Brown: Gun carriages

Black Seas Spanish Navy Paint Set

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Spanish Navy in Black Seas

Get your Spanish fleet sea-ready with the Master & Commander starter box. As well as including the full rules, you’ll find three frigates and six brigs. You’ll also get sails, rigging and flag sheets for all your ships and all the ship cards, wake markers and tokens that you’ll need to play.

The Starter Set comes with an exclusive 28mm miniature – the Sea Wolf! Brandishing a pistol, with a dirk strapped to his arm, this ferocious fighter is the perfect starting point for a Black Powder landing party!

Black Seas Master and Commander Starter Set

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Look for the Spanish Navy fleet boxed set in December as well as the legendary four-decked behemoth of the Carronade era, the Santisima Trinidad.

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