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Lee Abbot’s Pike & Shotte Army – Part 1

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Lee Abbot has really come up with the goods as he paints a Royalist army using our Pike & Shotte miniatures. We’ll be bringing you more of Lee’s work on the army in future newsletters so keep your eyes peeled!

This week we’re showing off the first regiment in the army – his wonderfully presented Henry Bard’s Regiment of Foote:

As Lee himself says the highly detailed models were a joy to paint and very easy to assemble whilst also giving plenty of options for posing and, being plastic, very easy to convert.

After months of blood, sweat and tears getting plastic sets out to the wargaming world it’ very satisfying when someone of Lee’s undoubted talent produces something as great as this end result. Cheers Lee!

Going by the name ‘Daywalker’ Lee is an active member of what we consider the best internet forum for painters and modellers of all levels of expertise – Steve Dean’s Painting forum. Not just a refuge for expert apinters but also very supportive of newcomers to the art of producing finely painted miniatures.

As you can see from the photographs, Lee’s preferred method of painting the models is by affixing them to individual paint pots. This gives him a stable platform to grasp onto when performing fine detail work or blocking in uniform colors.

We’ll be bringing you more of Lee’s army soon. However, you can get your own army in order today by visiting the Pike & Shotte section of the Warlord webstore today!