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Mark Farr’s Scottish Covenanters

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Warlord’s Mark Farr has been a busy lad and has taken a distinctly Scottish turn with his Pike & Shotte army. You can see the results of his endeavours below if you’re so inclined and like that sort of thing. Warlord Games takes no responsibility if you develop a sudden penchant for kilts and haggis…

Mark Farr ECW Scots Musketeers

Mark Farr ECW Scots Pike

As you can see, Mark has been putting our new metal bonnets to good use. His army is positively rife with them. The addition of our characterful metal parts to our highly-detailed plastic kits is simple as kidney pie, and we think you’ll agree yields excellent results.

Fear not though – whilst you can build your Scots force using the metal bonnets we will be bringing out a fully plastic Scots Covenanter boxed set in the not-so-distant future!

Mark Farr ECW Scots Command 1

Mark Farr ECW Scots Command 2

Mark even strapped on his conversion tam o’ shanter and with a sharp knife, a wad of green stuff and a healthy disregard for our fine plastics has produced a great casualty. Plastic miniatures make this sort of creativity easy to accomplish and help to add some fun and variety to your army.

Mark Farr ECW Scots Casualties

Both the Pike & Shotte infantry and the metal scots bonnets as well as much more are available for you to mix and match to your hearts content in the Warlord webstore!