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New: Scots Battalia Army Set!

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It’s your lucky day – this week sees the return of the amazing value Pike & Shotte Scots Battalia starter army box. Don’t hang around though – we only have a finite number of these and when they’re gone they’re gone. Have a look below to see what you get in the box:


This amazing value boxed set is the best way to start a new army or to add more reinforcements to your existing force – not only with great miniatures but at a superb price. This box contains £90 worth of product for the superb value price of £60!


With 120 of these great-looking Scots in the box it provides you with the core of your army and in some force. Clad in Hodden grey and wearing their trademark blue bonnets the Scots were known to have fought on the side of both Royalist and Parliament so you’ll see plenty of action!

Frame Gun

Providing your brave Scots laddies with battlefield support is this Frame Gun. Our version is a multi-barrelled beast – perfect for hammering at the enemy battleline.


To give your army a greater level of manoeuvrability and speed these Scots Lancers are just the ticket. Including 3 Moss Trooper miniatures they have bags of characters as they storm across the battlefield with lance and pistol in hand.


Rousing the troops with verses from the good book, this austere preacher fills your army with righteousness – all the better for smiting the sinners facing them…

Celt Starter Box

Don’t forget, we’ve a great starter army for the Celts too. This is a fantastic way to start your own Celtic army or add onto your growing horde. Head here to check out the Celtic Horde Starter Army and save yourself some cash!

Don’t hang around on getting yourself on or both of these Starter Armies as we only have a small amount of each and when they’re gone they won’t return. With the Christmas rush starting to kick in these will be gone quickly. Why are you still reading this – get over to the webstore now!