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Updated! Preview: The Devastator!

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Updated: 23rd July, 2010

You saw him in the ‘green’ – now see Alisdair ‘The Devastator’ Mac Colla in all his painted glory:

Alisdair "The Devastator" MacColla Painted 1

Alisdair "The Devastator" MacColla Painted 2

Standing at 7-foot tall, Alisdair ‘The Devastator’ Mac Colla was a larger than life character in every way. Right hand man to the Marquis of Montrose, Mac Colla was a legendary figure. Take a look at these snaps of the sculpt we’ve produced of the Devastator – all action and attitude!

Alisdair 'The Devastator' Mac Colla Front

A veteran of many battles alongside his famous Irish Brigade, Mac Colla has been credited with inventing the tactic of the Highland charge in the Civil Wars where his men ran at enemy infantry, fired a volley at close range and then closed hand to hand to chop his opponents to bits.

Alisdair 'The Devastator' Mac Colla Side 1

Alisdair 'The Devastator' Mac Colla Side 2

This awe inspiring miniature will be available in August alongside his two bodyguards. If he’s any example, we’re sure that his bodyguards are certainly to be reckoned with!