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New: Alexander Leslie, Lord Leven!

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Here’s a character we’ve been asked for so many times we’ve lost count! We can now bring you Alexander Leslie – leader of choice for many Scots Covenanter players!



The Covenanter’s armies most gifted and successful general. This Thirty Years War veteran was instrumental in the English Civil Wars. Own this model today!

Scots deal

Grab this Scots Army Deal and load up while saving some cash! The army deal contains:

1 Minister

4 Scots Covenanter boxed sets (160 miniatures!)

2 Regiments of Scots Lancers (24 miniature)

1 Scots Saker 6 pounder cannon

1 Scots Frame Gun

1 Scots Dragoons box (12 foot, 12 mounted)

8 Swine Feather Sprues (32 Swine Feathers)

1 packet of Army Painter Highland Tuft.

Yours for just £185, saving you £17.49!


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Frame Gun

Frame Gun Mule