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Bolt Action: The Italian Alpini

With the Battle of France fully underway, we’re taking a look at the lesser-known Alpine theatre and the Italian Alpini units that fought in this inhospitable environment.   Death in the Alps! While Hitler’s panzers ploughed across northern France, elite French and Italian mountain troops battled for control of their alpine border. Spurred on by…

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Community Showcase: Johnathan Gallar’s Bersaglieri

With our focus on the second wave of Western Desert releases, we were very excited to see these beautiful Bersaglieri from Johnathan Gallar! Johnathan’s Bersaglieri are assembling to defend occupied Libya from the fast-moving Commonwealth mechanised forces during Operation Compass. They might be part of the ill-fated Babini Group, or one of the many other…

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New: Regia Marina Fleet

View in Store The Regia Marina was confident, had indisputably the most handsome ships in the world and referred to the troubled waters of the Mediterranean as Mare nostrum(our sea). By the start of the war, as well as capital ships, it fielded 59 destroyers and 67 torpedo boats, a fast class of small destroyers…