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Spotlight: Italian Falco Paratroopers

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Continuing our focus on Italian forces, we’re moving into the weird wars of Konflikt ’47 with a look at the Italian Falco Paratroopers!
The flamboyant and well-trained paratroopers of the Italian army largely sided with the National Republican Army (ENR) when they were forced to choose a side in the Italian campaign. Whilst some units retained their traditional parachute role, the core of the force was retrained and equipped with the German-designed Rift-tech Falcon armour.

Propelling the wearer into the air with great bursts of Rift energy, these jump jets allow soldiers to soar high over the battlefield. Able to rapidly bypass centres of resistance and sow chaos behind enemy lines, these new suits of armour give paratroopers a new edge over other Rift-enhanced forces.

Freshly equipped with the new Falcon armour, the Falco units wasted no time in putting their new equipment to use against the Allies. Striking from outposts along the frontlines, the Falco units struck at isolated outposts and supply convoys, using their enhanced mobility to outmanoeuvre any guards before vanishing back into the Italian countryside.

Falco Paratroopers in Konflikt ’47

If you’re looking for additional mobility or striking power in your Italian army, you can’t go wrong by adding a squad or two of Falco Paratroopers. The Flight special rule allows them to ignore intervening terrain and move a lot further than their non-augmented counterparts.

Armed with SMGs, this unit is perfect for storming objectives or holding off determined counter-attacks.

Falcon Strike!

We’ve created a scenario to showcase the speed and manoeuvrability of the Falco paratroopers. Imagine a squadron of Falcon-armed paratroopers striking across the wilderness of the Italian frontlines, aiming to knock out a lumbering Allied supply column.

Falcon Strikes! scenario map


The mission is played across the width of a 6’ x 4’ table. After terrain is placed, players roll off to see who will be the attacker and defender. The winner chooses whether to attack or defend.

The other player then picks which table edge to deploy on. The defender’s deployment zone is any point in their own half of the board, measuring no more than 8” from the centre line running the length of the table.

The defender places three objective markers in his deployment zone. Objectives should be round markers measuring 50mm in diameter and be placed at least 16” away from each other. Objectives cannot be placed in buildings.


The defender chooses three of their infantry or artillery units to begin the game on the board. These units may begin the game hidden. All of the defender’s other units begin the game in reserve (outflanking is allowed).

After the defender has deployed, the attacker chooses at least half of his force to form the first wave and any remaining units deploy in reserve (outflanking allowed). There is no forward deployment or preparatory bombardment allowed in this mission.


The aim of the attacker is to destroy as many objectives as possible, and if successful, to flee the board by moving into contact with a table edge. Objectives are destroyed if one of the attacker’s infantry or artillery units is in base contact with it at the end of a turn.

An attacking unit wishing to exit the board can do so at any time and is removed as soon as it makes contact with the edge of the board (note – every model in the unit must be able to reach the edge). Its order dice is removed from the bag. The defender seeks to preserve the objectives and to inflict maximum losses on the enemy.

Mission Duration

The game ends after 6 turns. However, at the end of Turn 6 roll a dice. On a 4+, play one more turn.


The attacker receives 3 victory points for each objective destroyed. If he destroys at least two objectives, he will also receive 1 victory point for each of his units that exit the board via any table edge before the end of the game.

The defender receives 2 victory points for each enemy unit destroyed. Attacking units that remain in reserve at the end of the game count as destroyed (they have been separated from the raiding party and picked off).

Italians in Konflikt ’47!

To use the fantastic Falco paratroopers in your Konflikt ’47 games, you’ll need a copy of the excellent Defiance supplement, which covers the two new Italian factions and gives you some background on this new theatre of war.

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