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Community Showcase: Johnathan Gallar’s Bersaglieri

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With our focus on the second wave of Western Desert releases, we were very excited to see these beautiful Bersaglieri from Johnathan Gallar!


Johnathan’s Bersaglieri are assembling to defend occupied Libya from the fast-moving Commonwealth mechanised forces during Operation Compass. They might be part of the ill-fated Babini Group, or one of the many other Italian units operating in the area.

With a history dating back to the early 19th century, the crack Bersaglieri are exceptional light infantry soldiers, imbued with flamboyance and panache that only an Italian can carry off. On the battlefields of the Western Desert, they are more than a match for their opposite numbers in the Commonwealth armies.

Johnathan’s army uses the 1940-41 Armored Platoon list, restricted to L3 tankettes by many of the early scenarios in the campaign book. He’s planning on upgrading to more potent M13/40 tanks as he works through the scenarios.

We’ve reproduced the full 1000pt list Johnathan is using for the opening stages of his campaign below:

L3 Command Tank – Armored Platoon Commander w/ AT Rifle (95pts)
L3 Tankette w/ 2 MMGs (3 vehicles) (210 pts)
Bersaglieri Infantry Section (11 men) (188 pts)
  • NCO w/ SMG
  • 1x LMG
  • Anti-tank grenades
Bersaglieri Infantry Section (11 men) (188 pts)
  • NCO w/ SMG
  • 1x LMG
  • Anti-tank grenades
  • 1x LMG
Truck (3 vehicles) (117 pts)
So, good luck Johnathan and we look forward to seeing your battle reports as you blaze a trail across the desert sands!

We want you to send in your army pictures along with an army list and a few paragraphs about them to

Who knows – your army could be next!


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