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New! Pike & Shotte Casualties

We’ve heard your calls for casualties for our ranges and the first of these are for our Pike & Shotte range! No matter how great a commander you are on the tabletop, there will always be a need for these miniatures in your collection because on some days the dice simply will not respond to…

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Reinforcements! Dragoons on Foot

It won’t be long before our Dragoons boxed set is released but we’re not going to wait that long to let you get your hands on some of these models! Our Dragoons on foot are now available in the Warlord webstore. Just feast your eyes on these hard-hitting multi-purpose troops from the Pike & Shotte…

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New Release: Warlord Starter Armies

Updated: 08/01/10. Get ’em while you can! The four Starter Army sets we released for the Christmas period have been sublimely popular (and why not – they are superb value!). As they’ve almost all sold out in their boxed form we were more than happy to honour the offer via our webstore as unboxed product….

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New Release: Pike & Shotte Scottish Covenanters

We’ve been promising them for a while and as usual Warlord has delivered. If the Royalists or standard Parliamentarians aren’t to your liking, then how about you give our Scots Covenanters a glance: Each boxed set contains 40 miniatures: 36 multi-part hard plastic miniatures (24 Musketeers and 12 Pikemen) and 4 all-new metal command miniatures…

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New Release: Pike & Shotte Command Group

Even though you have superb variety for command models in the plastic Pike & Shotte infantry boxed sets we couldn’t resist but make even more Command models! These highly detailed and superbly characterful miniatures are ready to lead your regiments to battle right now and you can see them in detail below: Our officer is…

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New Release: Pike & Shotte Artillery

Artillery in the 17th century were not like the powerful and devastating equipment of the modern era. While clumsy, difficult to move, and often more frightening than actually dangerous to the enemy, the artillery train was considered a vital part of the army. This week we are very proud to offer not one but two…

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