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New! Pike & Shotte Casualties

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We’ve heard your calls for casualties for our ranges and the first of these are for our Pike & Shotte range! No matter how great a commander you are on the tabletop, there will always be a need for these miniatures in your collection because on some days the dice simply will not respond to your demands.

As you can see, these models are suitably generic to fit into any Pike & Shotte force. The ever-talented Darren Linington has painted our example miniatures to a suitably high standard that they would not look out of place on any period battlefield.

In addition to soldiers in various states of disrepair you also get the objective marker shown above in this pack. This model is perfect for scenario based objective battles or as a fine piece of scenery for your tabletop conflicts. This blister pack is now available in the Warlord webstore.