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Pike & Shotte Special Offers!

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We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of our superb new plastic and metal Dragoons for our Pike & Shotte range. So, to celebrate their release we’ve pulled together a few great special offers for you! Suitable for the English Civil wars and also for the war on the continent – the Thirty Years war – these great offers allow you to put effective forces on the tabletop and save you a few of your hard-earned sheckels at the same time – bargain!

Beating up of Quarters!

Most of a soldier’s life was dull routine and endless drilling or merely sitting about awaiting action. To relieve the boredom and to keep the enemy on the back foot, aggressive generals took the fight to the enemy when they least expected it! Our Warlord general has prepared just such a raid…

Masking their approach by using night time as cover, the firelocks, could advance until they saw the enemy sentinel’s match glowing in the dark. Commanded by a Captain or a Lieutenant, the firelocks could form a firing line in small commanded parties, cocking their flintlocks and closing in on the enemy encampment. Most of the opposing soldiers would be asleep in hastily built shacks, with canvas and branches their only cover, the cavalry and Officers occupying the few houses in the village.

Whilst the commanded shot closed, the dragoons would softly ride out to encircle the sleepy village, their muskets slung so as not to risk a shot and betray their advance. Led by their captain their goal is to outflank the buildings, dismount and await the assault and, if possible, stop the enemy cavalry from reaching their horses standing in the open fields nearby…

Finally, the general had insisted that the militia were sent along on the raid. They had been clamouring for action with proud boasts of what they would do to the neighbouring townsfolk, and now was the time to put up or shut up! Frankly, he had his doubts…

Warlord offer you a fun selection of troop types who can take the war to the enemy. They are suitable for both Parliament and Royalist armies – and Covenanter if you issue them with bonnets from The Armoury range. They will of course be entirely suitable for Thirty Years wars armies as well!

Beating up of Quarters contains:

• 1 boxed set of Dragoons (12 mounted and 12 dismounted plastic and metal Dragoons)

• 1 boxed set of 18 plastic and metal Firelocks

• 1 pack of 8 Clubmen militia (including Gentleman officer)

£45 – saving you £7!

Forlorn Hope

Being assigned to the ‘Forlorn’ was not quite as bad as it sounds, the name really coming from a Dutch term, Verloren hoop, that only meant detached troops, or lost troops. It was a vanguard, intended to test the enemy’s mettle, and to establish their intention, not to hold their ground above all else. Later in history it took on a more sinister name, and was applied more to the murderous task of storming parties.

Our Forlorn Hope is composed of Dragoons who are well suited to manoeuvre, and who can both seize and hold ground, simply by mounting and dismounting and using their muskets to hold the enemy at bay. We have supported them with cavalry, dragoons being unlikely to stand long against determined enemy horse.

Finally, we have a boxed set of firelocks – a musket armed unit using the newfangled flintlocks who, in theory, were best suited to keeping up a better rate of fire and move more smartly around the field, although their comrades in the infantry regiments may beg to disagree…

Forlorn Hope contains:

• 2 boxed sets of Dragoons (12 mounted and 12 dismounted metal and plastic Dragoons)

• 1 boxed set of 12 plastic Cavalry

• FREE! 1 boxed set of 16 plastic and metal Firelocks

£78 – saving you £12!

Grand Army

There are few sights more splendid than a 17th century army deployed in full panoply on the field of battle. Serried ranks of pike and shot stand solid, their ensigns flourishing their colours in front of their assembled companies whilst the drums beat out their insistent rhythm – the voice of their Colonel.

The infantry are best deployed in chequer board fashion, where they can cover each other in advance or retreat, some preferring the Dutch system, others the Swedish deployment – opinions are divided. The nine regiments stand and wait…

On the wings hover the cavalry. Large men, on large horses – well equipped with lobster pot helmets, back and breast and bristling with pistols. Their horses nervous, sensing the impending action.They field three regiments on either flank, three as a central reserve and finally a regiment that is the General’s lifeguard.

The dragoons and the firelocks rush about pell mell as it looks to the closely packed infantry, but they too play their role in engagements of this size. Finally, the saker is drawn forward, and loaded with great care for its first shot would open the battle…

Warlord Games offers you a truly wonderful army, suitable for most armies of the civil war or, indeed the Thirty Years war. This special offer is a great way to treat yourself or, if you prefer, to club together with your mates or wargames club to field this magnificent force, bringing woe and fear to your enemies…

Grand Army contains:

• 9 boxes of plastic Pike & Shotte infantry (360 miniatures!)

• 10 boxed set of 12 plastic Cavalry (two wings and the commander’s lifeguard as reserve)

• 1 boxed set of Dragoons (12 mounted and 12 dismounted metal and plastic Dragoons)

• 1 boxed set of 16 plastic and metal Firelocks

FREE! Sheet of Kings Colours flags (your choice of Royalist or Parliament)

FREE! 2 metal command groups (officer, ensign, sergeant and drummer)

FREE! 1 Saker, resin and metal 6 pounder cannon and crew

FREE! 16 metal armoured pikemen

£456 – saving you a massive £55!

Whew! We’re knackered. All of these money-saving offers are now in the Warlord webstore.