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New Release: Warlord Starter Armies

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Updated: 08/01/10. Get ’em while you can! The four Starter Army sets we released for the Christmas period have been sublimely popular (and why not – they are superb value!). As they’ve almost all sold out in their boxed form we were more than happy to honour the offer via our webstore as unboxed product. With the festive period now behind us we’ll be taking these deals off sale on January 14th.

Because we know there’s a recession on and everyone is looking for a bargain we’ve come up with some absolute belters!

Our Warlord Starter Armies provide a great start to a new army or reinforcement to your existing force. More than that though – they provide exceptional value! Get ’em while they’re hot though as we only have limited quantities and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

First off we have the Pike & Shotte Battalia Starter Army. This stuffed boxed set contains:

• 80 plastic pike & musket infantry
• 24 plastic cavalry
• 10 plastic Firelock musketeers
• 1 metal and resin Saker 6-pounder cannon.

It’s everything you need to get your new Royalist or Roundhead army off the ground!

Next is the Scots Battalia Starter Army. It’s packed to to the gills with rampaging Jocks! This starter army contains:

• 120 plastic pike & musket Scots infantry!
• 12 plastic and metal Scots Lancer cavalry
• 1 raving metal Preacher
• 1 metal Scots Frame Gun.

Hoots mon!

The Scots Lancers are being released early to go into this starter army – they’ll make it into general circulation in the New Year…

Marching over in hobnailed sandals to our Ancients range, we have the Imperial Roman Starter Army boxed set. If you want to hoist the Aquila for the glory of Imperial Rome, you can’t go far wrong a boxed set full of the following:

• 2 metal Roman Officers
• 30 plastic Imperial Roman Legionaries
• 20 plastic Imperial Roman Veterans
• 24 plastic Imperial Roman Auxiliaries
• Metal Auxiliary Command (Centurion, Signifer & Cornicen)
• 8 metal Balearic Slingers
• 1 metal Imperial Roman Scorpion catapult.

Whew! What army of savages could withstand the discipline and overwhelming force of this army?

Perhaps this army of savages? Come on, you knew it was coming…

The Celtic Horde Starter Army boxed set contains everything you need to tear down an orderly civilization back to muck-raking barbarity. Inside you’ll find:

• 3 metal Celtic Chieftains
• 90 plastic Celtic Warriors
• 10 plastic and metal Celt Cavalry
• 1 metal Celt Army Standard Bearer
• 8 metal Celt Slingers.

All of these excellent boxed armies will save you a stack of cash and are perfect holiday gifts for the folks on your list or for yourself. You can find them all waiting for you right now in the Warlord webstore!